Creating An Inviting Front Door

| 3 February 2015
The entrance to your home is an important aspect of home décor because it’s the area that all guests will see first, giving it the power to make or break your first impression. It’s also an easy place to decorate and update whenever you like! If you’ve already chosen a perfect front door to compliment the style of your home, it’s time to get creative with your decorations and make your home feel inviting even before you have opened the door. Seasonal Decorations

Seasonal Decorations

While seasonal wreaths are a fairly common sight, especially around the holiday season, they’re not the only way to decorate a door! In fact, it’s easy to make your own decorations at home. Simply find a container – virtually anything that looks nice and is light in weight– and fill it with fake flowers. Add some ribbons or other embellishments and hang it on the door using command strips or a wreath hanger. These kids’ rain boots are a cute idea for the rainy spring months, but there are many ways to capture the season: umbrellas are another great idea for spring, while watering cans can be a fun idea for summer. Harvest inspired decorations are always a great idea for fall! Monograms


These decorations can be used year-round and make an excellent way to celebrate your family’s name and heritage. Giant letters are currently a popular trend, meaning they’re easily available in a huge variety of style and colors, but they’re also very easy to make at home with whatever materials you have lying around if you’re looking for a new DIY project. Wood, felt, fabric, and twine are all great options. Once you’ve made the form, decorate it with ribbons, flowers, or items to represent things that are important to your family such as pets, sports teams, or activities. Chalkboards


Another easy-to-make and fun DIY project, this decoration idea is actually fantastic for parents with young children because it can double as a sign to warn people not to ring the bell while your children are napping! As this can be a big headache for parents, particularly when door-to-door salespeople wake their sleeping children, this design presents a really elegant solution to a common problem, and it looks great, too. They’re also very easy to customize with seasonal greetings. Simply find a picture frame you like and paint the glass with chalkboard paint. Let it dry; attach ribbon, decorations, or whatever else you like and use chalk to write your message before hanging it on the door. Whenever you want to change the message, simply use a damp cloth to wipe the board cleaning and let it air dry before writing on it again. A front door can either hang in the shadows of your house, or it can stand out and make your house a home. Get creative and personalize your door to create a warm and welcoming environment!
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