Easiest Ways to Clean your Gutters

| 28 October 2014
If you don’t have a gutter protection system, your gutters will inevitably need cleaning. Gutters need cleaning because leaves and other debris prevent water draining away properly, which can lead to rot and leaks in the gutters, and water damage to your roof and downspouts. If your gutter overflows due to clogging, ice dams can form on your roof, forcing water into your home.

Easiest Ways to Clean Gutters

There are several ways to clean your gutters. Here are some of the easiest: Use your hands to clean your gutters If you don’t have a hose, power washer, or leaf blower, you can clean your gutters by hand. Make sure you’re wearing heavy duty gloves, and simply scoop out the leaves and debris. You could use a small trowel if you have one. Scoop the debris into a bucket, or you will be faced with sweeping your yard after cleaning your gutters. Use a hose with a high setting Using a hose is probably the easiest method. Squirt water along the gutters, rinsing them clean. Hose your gutters by starting furthest away from the downspout. Make sure the downspout does not get clogged. If any debris is left, remove it by hand. Make sure you wear rubber gloves, or gardening gloves. This method is best for gutters which are not clogged. Using a leaf blower If your leaf blower has a nozzle attachment, you can use it to blow debris like leaves, twigs, dirt, and organic matter. Before you do this, make sure the downspout is covered as you must not blow debris down the downspout. Power washers If you have a power washer, you can blast the debris away using the fine-spray nozzle. Power washers are also excellent for clearing clogged downspouts. Although this is a great option, home owners should keep in mind that power washers are extremely powerful and should be used with caution on painted homes, as they can damage the paint. This method can be rather messy, and you might have to give your walls and roof a quick blast to clean them after your gutters are clear. How often you should clean your gutters? You should schedule a twice-yearly gutter cleaning. However, if your home is near trees, you may need to clean them more often to remove fallen leaves or needles. Safety precautions When cleaning your gutters, make sure you take proper safety precautions. You should have a spotter to help whenever you use a ladder. The time it takes to clean your gutters depends on several factors: How long your gutters are, when the last time was that you cleaned them, and what time of year you’re attempting to clean them. Gutters tend to be more clogged during the fall as leaves fall from surrounding trees than they would in the spring when constant rain is helping naturally clean them out. A proper gutter system will be easy to clean while keeping moisture away from your home, preventing mold and costly damages to your home. Finding affordable and protective gutters is the first step to easy clean-ups!
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