Eight Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Windows

| 27 January 2015
Inefficient and out of date windows can be a cash drain hidden in plain sight. They can skyrocket your electricity bill and make your house unpleasantly cool in the winter time.

Window Replacement Tips

However, replacing your windows is a costly investment and major home renovation, and judging when it's time for your windows to go can be a tricky proposition at best. To help make this decision easier, here are eight signs that your windows need renovating:
  1. Your House Is Older Than 15 Years
  2. If you have an older house there's a reasonable chance that you don't have efficient windows. While this isn't a sign in itself, it's an indicator that you should pay close attention to the rest of this list.
  3. They're Single Pane
  4. It might be a bit tricky to tell if you have single or double paned windows, but by looking at an angle and you should be able to identify whether it’s one or two panes of glass. Single pane windows are far less efficient than modern double windows and should be replaced.
  5. It's Significantly Colder Near Your Windows
  6. This is perhaps the most obvious sign your windows need replacing. Though even the best windows aren't as efficient of insulators as a wall, if you need to run and grab a sweater every time you sit down by the window, there may be an issue.
  7. There's a Breeze Inside
  8. Catching a draft indoors is another telltale sign that your windows need replacing. A draft means your window isn't properly sealed and cold air is circulating inward.
  9. There's Condensation on the Inside
  10. If you're consistently finding condensation on the inside of your window, that may also be another sign that your windows are not sealed property as moist air is allowed to enter.
  11. Your Energy Bill is Overly Expensive
  12. If you're paying far more on power over the winter months than any of the houses you know, your windows could be to blame. Poorly insulating windows can be a major drain on the power bill every month.
  13. Rotting or Mouldy Frame
  14. This may sound like an obvious thing to look for, but it easily goes unnoticed. If there’s mould around the bottom edge of your window or the sill is beginning to rot, that could mean that moisture is entering from outside and dripping down.
  15. They're Foggy on the Inside
  16. Depending on the severity this may only be a cosmetic issue. However, if your windows are fogging in between the two panes, that means the seal has broken and moisture has gotten into your windows.
While any home renovation is a major undertaking, windows can be particularly tricky to decide when to replace. Hopefully this post has shown you a few ways to tell if it's time to do so.
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