Eight Ways You Didn’t Know You Could Save Energy In Your Home

| 20 July 2015
Everyone knows that changing to compact fluorescent bulbs and shutting down appliances will save money and energy in your home, but what people aren't generally aware of is that by placing your lights in certain parts of the room or selecting special windows can save just as much! Underutilized Energy Savers Put Your Lamps in the Corner of the Room When a lamp gets put into a corner, it allows the light from the bulb to bounce off the walls into the rest of the room. This means that you'll be able to switch to a lower wattage bulb or keep the dimmer on the light low. The draw on your power will be reduced with practically no difference in the amount of light to the room. Blanket Your Water Heater Heating up the water inside your home is difficult enough task for a water heater, but when winter rolls around it has to work that much harder. You can help make the process easier by surrounding the water heater with fiberglass insulation. This can cut heat loss down and save between 4 to 9 percent on your heating bill. Use Your Laptop A desktop computer is a large machine that requires a large amount of energy to stay on. To help be more efficient in the home, try using your laptop to surf the Internet. On average, a laptop will use one-third the amount of power that a home computer uses. Cook Outdoors in the Summer Summer is the time for sunny skies, bathing suits, and keeping the AC on. Of course, producing all that cold air can be a major drain on the energy in your home. It gets even worse when you spend time using the oven in your kitchen. Spend time cooking on the grill outside to cut back on energy consumption. Energy Efficient Windows Not all windows are made the same, and many allow air to escape in and out of the house. Buying energy efficient windows, or having your current windows treated with a special glaze, will improve your home’s energy efficiency. If done properly, you can expect to save around 40% on heating and cooling bills! Run Your Air Conditioner Close to Outdoor Temperature By keeping the temperature in your home close to what it is outside, your air conditioner will not have to work as hard to keep your ideal temperature. If it is 82°F outside, consider putting your indoor temperature to 78°F instead of something much lower. Even this minor difference can save you upwards of 15% on your cooling bill and will still be enough to keep you and your family comfortable. Plan Your Landscaping Out Another way to drop your energy bills is by putting trees and bushes in specific places of your yard. If you have a large tree casting shade into your home during the day, that room will cool much more quickly than if the AC was running alone.
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