Entryway Design Tips From The Pros

| 24 November 2015

Whether you’re coming in or leaving, the entryway is the first and last thing you see in your home. From the Property Brothers to Mike Holmes, the pros have entryway design tips to turn the front of your home into a beautiful space that sets the tone for your house.

Entryway Design Tips

Here are some design ideas from the best of the best:

Open a new door:
If you live in an older home, it may be time to upgrade to a new door. Frosted glass, stained glass, coated glass, or coloured glass – these are all viable options for your new front door. You should also invest in an energy-efficient model that locks heat in during the cold months. The pros will tell you that it makes sense to spend a little more now on an energy-efficient door in order to reap the benefits in the future. Spend a little more on a gorgeous new door now and save on your monthly energy bills later. It’s worth it.

Kiss your keys goodbye:
Canada’s favourite handyman, Mike Holmes, says you should go keyless. Replace traditional front door locks with sleek keypads and you’ll never have to worry about losing your keys again. Keyless entries not only look chic, they also help prevent break ins.

Mirror, mirror on the wall:
If you have a smaller entryway, the pros recommended adding mirrors to the space. Mirrors will make any room look bigger. Plus, you get to glance at yourself one last time before you leave the house to see how great you look. The Property Brothers are big proponents of adding mirrors to elongate spaces, and they should know what works and what doesn’t.

Take advantage of the seasons:
Scott McGillivray of Income Property says you should decorate your entryway according to the season. For fall, try orange accents. You can even buy tiny pumpkins and squashes to set up in a glass bowl near your front door. For winter, he recommends going with a colder motif like crystal blues and a holiday wreath.

The nose knows best:
Frank Fontana, one of Oprah’s go-to guy’s for design, says adding scent to your entryway is a great way to set the tone for your home. A little potpourri, scented candles and air fresheners go a long way. If your entryway is where your family keeps their shoes, adding scent is not a bad idea. You can get plug-in versions of popular scents, sprays, or even make your own. No matter what you choose, a scented entryway will make your guests feel at home when they walk in.

If you’re not ready to add scents and mirrors to your entryway, start small. The pros will tell you that clutter makes an entryway look tiny and uncared for. Keep your home’s entryway free of clutter and you’ll notice a difference right away! From there, you’ll be ready to get a new door and other enhancements to complement your organized space.

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