Five Air Leak Tests To Perform On Your Windows

| 9 May 2016

Your windows can let in air even when they’re closed. Air leaks can cause your energy bill to skyrocket. However, they are easy to detect. You can perform these five easy air leak tests in order to determine where the problem is.

How To Test Your Windows For Air Leaks

Before each test make sure the window you are checking is closed tightly.

  1. Caulking and weatherstripping test:

    The weatherstriping and caulking around your windows does not last forever. Look at your windows from the outside and see if you can spot any gaps or cracks in the caulking and weatherstripping. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, you’ve found the culprit and will have to re-apply the caulking and weatherstripping to protect the windows.

  2. Rattle test:

    This test requires very little effort on your part. Stand in front of a window and push your hands against the glass for 10 seconds. Remove your hands quickly. If the window rattles, you have a possible air leak because the window was not installed properly. You can do this on every window in your house. Don’t forget about the basement and attic windows as those are often overlooked when it comes to air leak tests.

  3. Hand test:

    Wet your hand slightly so that it’s damp. Slowly move your damp hand around the edge of the window. If you have an air leak, you’ll feel a cold sensation on your hand.

  4. Light test:

    You will need two people for this test and a flashlight. One of you will have to go outside and look at the window while the other stays inside. The person inside needs to close the lights in the room they’re in and take a flashlight to the window’s frame. If the person outside notices little slants of light coming through the frame then there’s probably an air leak.

  5. Candle test:

    Turn off your heat or a/c while conducting this test. Light a candle and slowly hold it up to the window frame. If the candle’s flame looks like it’s dancing then you have a possible leak. Be very careful with this test and ensure that if you have curtains they are not in the way of the open flame.

If you do find an air leak in your windows, it’s time to replace them. Landmark Home Solutions can help. We can replace your old windows and provide you with gorgeous new windows that won’t leak.

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