Five Themes for Your Basement Renovation

| 9 January 2015
So you've finally realized that the wooden panelling on your basement walls went out of style in the early 90s and it's time to renovate. While you could do the standard renovations-new carpeting, furniture, paint job, etc. Perhaps it’s time for something a little more elaborate! Here are five suggestions for your basement that are sure to make it the talk of the neighbourhood!
  1. The Home Theatre
  2. This is a classic design theme for a basements and will certainly make movie night more exciting. The most important factor to consider in this theme is your screen. Room permitting, a projector is the way to go giving you the most theatre-like viewing experience. For seating, your two main options are either staggered movie theatre style seating or classic couches that circle around the screen. Additions that should be considered include a popcorn maker, improved sound system and a red carpet. Be sure to have your home renovation specialist install a dimmer switch for your lighting to get the ambience just right!

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  3. A Workout Room
  4. If you're serious about fitness or are looking for that extra motivation to get in shape, a home gym is a great theme for your basement renovation. A traditional home gym includes light cardio equipment, a treadmill, elliptical or exercise bike, and a padded area of the floor to do full-body workouts like push-ups and planks. You’ll also need something for strength training – either a multi-exercise piece of equipment or simply a weight bench and some dumbbells. Finally, you need open space where you can do yoga, Zumba or room to follow along with a cardio kickboxing DVD. Whatever your fitness goals are, you can reflect that in your gym! From beefing up to trimming down, this area is completely customizable to ensure you get the results you want.
  5. The Basement Bar
  6. The basement bar is another classic option that can make hosting parties a breeze. Set the mood with relaxed lighting, a pool table, and a few different seating options including, of course, the bar itself. You can customize the décor to reflect your personal style, having anything from a Gatsby styled champagne bar to a marquee light infused Mexican bar! If you’re looking to go a step further, have your renovator install a keg under the bar to fill with your very own home brew when you throw parties or events.
  7. The Craft Cave
  8. This one is for the scrapbooking fanatics and craft experts. To complete your very own craft cave you'll need multiple tables, a highly efficient storage system for all of your supplies and tools, and comfortable chair for those day-long sessions. Many crafters choose to have customized shelving units in various sizes to house everything from their stamps to their papers to their Cricuts to their threads. Whatever kinds of crafts you specialize in, a customized craft room is the ideal space!
  9. The Play Pen
  10. If you've found yourself dreaming about a little peace and quiet around your house, a basement play room could make that a reality! Possible items to include are bookshelves, a kitchen set or playhouse, and whiteboards/art easels. Be sure to have plenty of storage and room to house toys when not in play. A strong suggestion in the play pen den is to use tiles or hardwood floors and cover with rugs. The rugs will act as a soft landing surface for any tumbles or falls and are easy to be picked up and cleaned should the inevitable spills happen!

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