Five Things You Need To Consider Before Undergoing A Foyer Renovation

| 26 October 2015

Of all the areas of the home to facelift, it’s renovating the foyer that can add the most value and beauty to your home. Besides being an entryway that acts as people’s first impression of your house, your foyer can brighten up the doorway and hallway it leads on to.

Foyer Renovation

Before you decide to have a new foyer installed, consider these five things:

  1. Find out what you can afford:
  2. You probably have a dream foyer in mind. Maybe you saw it in a decor magazine or perhaps on a home renovation show; either way, you need to be able to afford it before undertaking the renovation. No matter how small the area you are redoing is, you will need to plan out associated costs and compare that total to your current reno budget.

    Review your finances before you move forward with your reno! Improper budgeting will result in either an unfinished job, or one that simply doesn’t meet your expectations.

  3. Don’t DIY:
  4. Unless you are a construction professional or a foyer specialist, you should not undertake such a hefty renovation like this. Your foyer may seem like a small area – and it is – but that doesn’t mean that it is work you can do on your own.

    It can be very dangerous to renovate your home by yourself, especially when dealing with electrical elements, such as the overhead lighting. You could become seriously injured, could create damage to the foyer’s structure or could end up having to hire a contractor anyway.

  5. Consider coming and going:
  6. Is your foyer attached to the only entryway in your home? If you don’t have a back or side door, foyer renovation may be problematic. Ensure that all work will be complete in a timely manner, and that there will always be a useful space to enter and exit the home safely through during the process. This can be done by simply ensuring that there is always at least a small, clear pathway in and out of the front door at all times.

  7. Think about retrofitting:
  8. If you are having work done to your foyer, you may want to use this opportunity to get a new energy-efficient door. You can also add eco-friendly skylights to your foyer.

    Just because a product is energy-efficient doesn’t mean it won’t fit in with your new foyer’s aesthetic! For example, we at Landmark have doors and windows that are as beautiful as they are environmentally friendly. Ask our team for more information!

  9. To split or not to split:
  10. A more modern approach to the traditional foyer is the split-level option.

    Split-level foyers have stairs in them that lead into the home. Generally, they are stairs that lead upwards; however, you can have a split-level foyer created that leads downwards. These type of downward split-levels are usually reserved for basement apartments.

Foyer renovation possibilities are endless, but they do need to be thoroughly planned before executing. Decide what kind of look you’re going for, budget accordingly, do your research when it comes to contractors, and always make sure there’s a safe place to exit the home while it’s being worked on.

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