Five Viral Home Trends Of 2015

| 18 November 2015

This year we’ve seen numerous home trends take the industry by storm. Some are more exquisite than others – sorry, boring marble accents – while others are downright gorgeous, like some of the new design ideas involving textures and patterns. If you’re thinking of redoing some rooms in your home or wondering what the viral trends of 2015 are, read on and discover which home trends stood out this year.

Home Trends 2015

  1. The Micro Home:
  2. In 2015, people were opting to save money on space and go for the ‘less is more’ alternative. This year, square footage took a backseat to smaller homes that were not only more affordable to purchase, but cheaper to decorate. Homeowners are getting the most out of tiny homes and creating cozy living spaces with high stacked shelving and storage containers that double as coffee tables and ottomans.

  3. The Green Home:
  4. The environment is on everyone’s mind these days, and it’s also in everyone’s home. People are installing energy-efficient windows and doors to help prevent heat loss in the winter and save them a pretty penny on their monthly bills.

  5. The High-tech Home:
  6. The future is now! Technology is making a big splash in the home with touchscreen equipment. People are using more than just a single console by their front doors to control their alarm systems; now, homeowners are installing controls with touchscreens in most rooms of their homes to control appliances, heating and cooling, play music and watch TV. Some have even gone as far as to install touchscreen equipment in their bathrooms to watch television while they bathe! Why not enjoy your favourite shows while you relax?

  7. The Mixed Material Home:
  8. This year polished brass, metals and woods are coming together in homes. Before, it was considered tacky to mix materials, nowadays people are embracing the challenge and adding copper accents to wood furniture, gold bands to metal appliances and more. In 2015, mixing metal and wood became the norm in most homes.

  9. The Textured Home:
  10. Bold patterns and textures made their way into houses this year. Instead of having some textured accents around the home, people are turning whole walls into surfaces you want to reach out and touch. Herringbone, chevron, tiles, polka dots and other patterns made their way into the 2015 home.

Your home should be an expression of yourself and reflect your tastes. If you’re not ready for herringbone walls, try another of the big 2015 viral trends. The year isn’t over yet, giving you plenty of time to get energy-efficient windows and doors!

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