How Can Companies Get Involved With Habitat For Humanity?

| 16 May 2016

Many companies and private persons have partnered with Habitat for Humanity in their communities and other places across the globe to help families achieve strength, stability, and independence so they can build a better life.

How Can Companies Get Involved With Habitat For Humanity

Landmark Home Solutions is proud to be one of the companies involved with Habitat for Humanity Niagara. The partnership has been mutually rewarding for both entities, with Landmark getting the opportunity to give back to its local community, and Habitat gaining additional funds and expertise to provide shelter to more families.

How Your Business Can Volunteer

Companies of all sizes, whether big or small, can help Habitat for Humanity by joining any one of the multiple programs by providing individuals with a number of opportunities to volunteer and donate.

  • Donating

    Employees can choose to participate by enrolling in your Workplace Giving Program where regular donations are made for Habitat for Humanity, or by designating their donations to certain Habitat programs, such as Global Village trips or Women Build.

  • Donation Matching

    Some companies choose to match the donations of their employees to Habitat for Humanity, which is a great way to show their passion for combating poverty housing.

  • Volunteering

    Some companies designate specific days when their employees can leave the office and take part in community initiatives. This is a life-altering reminder of the value of teamwork. Besides helping the community, employees acquire useful skills, gain more confidence in their capacity to embrace challenges, solve problems, and overcome obstacles. This means that they return home from the Habitat build site feeling more capable and motivated to be active community participants in any way they can.

    Landmark is proud that we have open volunteer possibilities for all of our employees! We’ve participated in many Habitat for Humanity home builds in Ontario, and even have teams of our female employees who participate in the Women at Work builds.

  • Global Village International volunteer trips

    There are volunteer opportunities for both groups and individuals in many of the 90 countries that Habitat for Humanity has a presence. Companies can opt to send some of their employees on Global Village trips to make them more comfortable in today’s global economy, while volunteering for a great cause.

  • Disaster Response Support

    All over the world, Habitat for Humanity has a program that mobilises staff and resources for speedy response to disasters. This program is particularly suited for corporations with lots of staff, because they have the manpower to offer the much needed support during times of disaster.

The Habitat for Humanity team can help you find the right Habitat partnership opportunity for your company and employees. You or your company can get involved in the process through:

  • Financial support
  • Product donations
  • Volunteer mobilisation
  • Raising public awareness
  • Grants and awards programs

Landmark Home Solutions has been a proud supporter of Habitat for Humanity, and we will continue to be in the years to come. For more information on our involvement with the organization, speak with our team directly.

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