How To Choose An Attractive Front Door

| 19 March 2015
Whether you're building a brand-new home or modeling an older one, picking an attractive front door that fits the style of your decor and still provides ample safety is important.

Choosing A Front Door

Here are a few questions to keep in mind when choosing an attractive front door: What Material would Best Suit your Home? Unlike interior doors, entry doors need to be sturdy and able to withstand all types of weather conditions or possible intruders, yet also be welcoming with excellent curbside appeal. Many older doors are made of wood or wood veneer, which crack, warp, peel or separate after years of exposure to wind, rain and scorching heat. Even older steel doors are known to peel on the surface. Wooden doors have been created to better withstand weather and harsh elements. Fiberglass or metal doors have also been created that have the appearance of wood but cost less and provide security for peace of mind. The problem most people have when shopping for doors is they don’t know the extent of their own needs! Contacting a Landmark representative will give you insight on what type of door would best suit your area’s annual weather conditions, while still keeping your home front attractive and friendly. What Style Best Represents your Décor? Doors are no longer the cookie-cutter entrances they used to be. Today you can find 100’s of designs of different faces, molding, shapes and even heights or widths. Research different door shapes and consider not only how they will look from the outside of your home, but from the inside as well. An ultra-industrial steel door may look neat from the curb, but half of that door is still seen from the interior of your house. Does it go with the décor and feel of your home? Or does it only match the exterior? Strongly consider these factors before making your final purchase. What Colour do you want your Door? The colour of your front door isn't as much about your favourite colour as it is the style of your home. Traditional homes often have front doors with a deep colour such as green, navy blue, dark red, or black, while contemporary and farm-style homes may have bold or bright, natural colours. Deep and light colours are more eye-catching than medium shades, but subtle shades (including taupe, tan, cream, and whites) can make a classy, yet still strong, impact as well. These muted colours can be used if your home's exterior is a dark colour. However, if it's too close in colour to your siding, it will likely look bland. Don’t be afraid to experiment when it comes to colour! When looking to buy your next front door, consider these tips to find an attractive fit, and most importantly, keep your family secure.
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