How To Choose The Best Windows For Your Home

| 18 April 2016

You may be in the market for new windows for your home. Windows are an investment, and naturally, you want to ensure that they are the best ones you can buy. Doing so will result in increased savings on your energy bill, a great return on investment, a superior level of comfort, and will protect your home in the process. Here are some things to consider when choosing your windows in order to maximize your investment.

Vinyl Window

  1. Your Window Dealer

    Choosing the right window dealer is important so that you receive helpful advice and you are not overcharged. Here are some signs of a good dealer:

    • They have been in the business for a long time.
    • They have never had a name change in the past. A name change is a sign that the business is trying to escape their poor reputation.
    • Contact the manufacturer that provides the dealer’s windows to ensure that they have not encountered any problems with the dealer.
    • A larger dealer is generally preferred over a smaller one because they will have the resources to provide you with better deals.
  2. Choosing your Type of Windows
    • Fiberglass or Vinyl. These are two of the best types of materials for your windows. They are durable, thermal resistant and low-maintenance.
  3. Choosing the Appropriate Labels
    • Energy Star. This label ensures that your windows are energy efficient.
    • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. This is the window’s ability to control solar heat gain. Homes in Ontario benefit from higher ratings of around 0.4.
    • U-Factor. This measures the rate of heat loss. A low U-factor indicates that the window has greater insulating abilities. Windows should measure less than 0.35 to perform well in cold climates.
    • Visible Transmittance. A higher number means that less visible light will enter through your windows.
    • Condensation Resistance. This value is measured between 1 and 100. A higher number is better.

There are a number of factors to consider in order to ensure that you are selecting the best possible windows for your home. Contact the Landmark team today for more information.

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