How To Fix A Sliding Door That Has Come Off Its Tracks

| 21 March 2016

A sliding door is designed to easily glide when pushed or pulled with just one hand, but when you have to muscle or juggle it to get it moving, you know that something is wrong. When your sliding door is not working right, and feels sticky and hard to open, it is usually because the track is dirty or the wheels are out of adjustment.

Sliding Door

Dirty rollers resulting from food, mud, and hair getting onto the track are the primary reason why these doors get stuck. So, start by thoroughly cleaning the truck with a stiff brush and soapy water. However, if the door is still hard to move, you may need to adjust the rollers under the door that may have come off the tracks, or completely replace them.

Here’s how to fix this problem:

Step 1:

A sliding door has two adjusting screws located at the bottom of the door (either on the edge or face of the door). Find these screws and pry off the trim caps covering them. If you notice that one of the sides is lower, simply raise it until your door locks even on its track.

Step 2:

If the door still feels stuck, adjust both screws via a quarter-turn to raise the whole door, and then slide the door slightly (a little short of the jamb) while maintaining an even gap.

Step 3:

If this doesn’t solve the problem, you’ll have to remove the door. Your first option should be to call your a door replacement professional, as these doors can be very heavy, making it a dangerous task. However, if your door is stuck open overnight and your only option is to fix it yourself, ensure you have help from someone who is physically capable to help you remove the door.

To remove the door from its track, move it to the point on the track where there is an indent, and then push it upwards. Next, tilt it an angle and pull it clear of the bottom track first, followed by the top track. An 8 foot door could weigh over 100 pounds depending on the material, so be careful.

Step 4:

Inspect the rollers for signs of damage. If they’re warped or split, they must be replaced. Even if only one of them is damaged, it is a good idea to replace both.

Remove the screw holding the rollers so you can take out the roller and casing. Find the correct type of replacement rollers for your door taking into consideration every measurement.

Step 5:

Inspect the bottom track for signs of damage (which is quite rare), and then clean it.

Step 6:

With the appropriate parts in hand, reinstall the rollers and replace the door on its track. To insert the door, start by slotting the top back in its guide, and then slowly push the bottom back into the centre of the track.

Step 7:

Use the top screw to help align the door on its track. You’ll need a screwdriver for this.

With the track free of debris, new rollers on your door, and correct installation, your door should open and close effortlessly.

Although this guide will help you if you’re in a pinch, it’s still strongly recommended to wait until you can enlist the help of a professional. For more information, contact the Landmark team today.

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