How To Prepare Your Home For The Winter

| 5 October 2015

As the weather changes and barbeque season comes to an end, it’s time to prepare your home for the winter.

Preparing Home For Winter

The moment the leaves start to change, you should be thinking about winterizing your home. There are some parts of your house – such as your windows – that need more preparation than others, but this doesn’t have to be a daunting task! If you follow our comprehensive list, you’ll have your home winter-ready in no time.

Windows and doors:

  • Have old weatherstripping around windows and doorframes replaced. Weatherstripping doesn’t last forever and if it’s not replaced every 1-3 years, the energy efficiency of your home will be greatly decreased.
  • If you have wooden window frames, examine them for rot and decay. Replace them if you notice anything out of the ordinary as any rot will cause them to eventually crack and warp when the weather turns cold.
  • Look for drafts around your windows and doors and caulk the areas where you can feel air escaping. Make sure to caulk the inside and outside of the areas.
  • Replace cracked windows immediately. All it takes is one powerful rain or snowstorm to make that crack bigger, rendering that pane completely energy inefficient.
  • If you can’t change your old windows, you can purchase a thin plastic film at most hardware stores that is effective in preventing energy loss. Equip your windows with this film until you can have double or triple pane windows installed and you will notice a difference when the temperature dips below zero.


  • Clear out your gutters to get rid of any blockage. Should we mention something about Gutter Protection?
  • Check the downpipes to make sure they are clear of obstruction. Any debris left over from the summer will cause the system to malfunction and can create ice damning when it gets really cold.
  • Look for leaks, twigs, leaves, anything that shouldn’t be in your rain gutter.
  • If possible, hire a professional eavestrough cleaner to take care of your gutters. If you do not have the equipment and are uneasy on a ladder, you could be seriously hurt.

Airflow systems:

  • Remove all window unit air conditioners and store them away until they’re needed again.
  • If you use a dehumidifier or humidifier, ensure that the filters are clean before use.
  • Have your fireplace and chimney professionally cleaned in order to remove creosote and other blockages.
  • If possible, replace an older thermostat with a programmable energy-efficient model to prevent energy loss and save money on your heating bill.

Patio accessories:

  • Put all outdoor furniture in storage before it’s too late. Snow can damage your patio furniture beyond repair and render it unusable.
  • If you cannot bring your barbeque indoors, make sure it is covered. However, you should give it a good cleaning before you cover it up for the winter. You don’t want to uncover it next summer only to find that leftover grease and food particles have turned it into a mouldy mess.

It’s always best to use the services of the professional if you’re unsure on how to clean, replace or inspect elements in your home. For more information contact us. At Landmark Home Solutions, we’d rather do the heavy lifting and prepare your home for the winter so you don’t have to risk getting hurt.

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