How to Properly Measure a Replacement Door

| 24 December 2014
Figuring out how to properly measure a replacement door can be overwhelming. All of the measurements you need to know how to take in addition to the width, height and depth can make it a tricky job and end up costing you more time and money.

Measure A Replacement Door

You need to know how to measure the door jamb and the door swing direction, as well as know whether your door has an inswing or outswing. You also need to be familiar with the sweep at the bottom of the door. A professional is the only sure-fire way to measure a replacement door. It’s quite difficult to measure a replacement door yourself accurately, but these steps will help give you the best results for your time and effort. Knowing Height, Width, and Depth To measure the height, width and depth, you will need to use a standard tape measurer and round up the inches. For example if the width of your door is 85.5 inches then round it up to 86 inches. Measure the door from top to bottom on the hinge side to get the length, and then measure the width along the top and bottom of the door, as well as where the knob is. Finally to measure the depth you run your tape measurer along the inside of your door lining. Door jamb The door jamb is the outside vertical frame of the doorway. You’ll need to include its width to measure a replacement door. Measuring the width is relatively simple, but is often done incorrectly. Simply measure the distance along the inside edges of the molding which run along the sides of the wall adjoining the door jamb. This will be your door jamb width. Swing Direction Measuring swing is essential to properly measure a replacement door. You need to find out if it’s a right-handed or left-handed door in order to measure the swing direction. To do this stand with your back against the hinge jamb and see if your left hand is closer, if it is then you have a left-handed door, and the reverse is true for a right-handed door. This is the direction your door will swing when you open it and is essential to properly install a replacement. Next, you will need to find out if you door has an inswing or outswing. Exterior doors usually swing inward, but just open the door and see if it opens inwards or if it outwards towards you. Sweep To measure the door sweep you need to measure the bottom of the door when closed, and then install a door sweep with the same length. Although these tips will give you a good idea of the measurements required for your replacement door, the only way to ensure a proper installation is to have a professional do it! Measuring for a door is extremely difficult, and unless you’re a professional it’s likely that you’ll run into errors which can leave you with inaccurate measurements. Consult with a service professional so that you ensure that your replacement door is measured and installed correctly. This will give you a long-lasting fit and prevent any future time or costs required to correct for incorrect measurements.
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