Inspiring Basement Makeovers

| 19 November 2014
Thinking about breathing some new life into your basement or rejuvenating your bottom floor with a new, modern look and amenities? Every successful renovation starts with good ideas. So get inspired with these examples of stylish basement makeovers.
  1. NHL star’s basement goes from a losing streak to a hat trick
  2. BEFORE:

    Before Renovating NHL Star’s Basement

    St. Louis Blues hockey star Alex Steen started off with this underwhelming basement in his big suburban home. But Steen took that humble beginning and turned it into this:

    After Renovating NHL Star’s Basement

    From Spartan basement to fully and multi-functional recreation and lifestyle space, complete with lounge, TV area and workout equipment, he took his basement from unlivable to unforgettable. Complete with frosted glass doors and beautiful windows leading to a separate area of the basement, this makeover is one of the best on our list!
  3. Improving the kids’ space
  4. BEFORE:

    Before Improving The Kids’ Space

    This couple living in this home have three sons, and their kids’ toys were overwhelming their relatively minimally furnished basement. Instead of being a mixed-use space for both children and adults looking to kick back and relax, it was dominated by a world of kids’ playthings.

    After Improving The Kids’ Space

    So they did a total basement overhaul. This one took stylistic inspiration from the beach. The room also combines a playroom, entertainment space and office, giving it a multi-functional purpose it didn’t have before.
  5. Sparse and empty to much-used
  6. BEFORE:

    Before Renovating A Couple’s Basement

    When this couple took over their basement, they had some big ideas – including a home office and rehearsal space. This is what they started with, and they managed to do what most people can’t- make their home renovation dreams come true.

    After Renovating A Couple’s Basement

    Check out how their use of colours and wall furnishings breathe life into the space. Of note, the walls are painted both in a peppery reddish colour and also use a textured grass cloth to finish. The floors, meanwhile, look like hardwood but are actually a more durable hard-wearing vinyl. A great and less expensive alternative for those with small children or pets who are likely to damage the area.
  7. From dark to light
  8. BEFORE:

    Old Funky Basement

    This couple nabbed a cool and funky home built forty years ago. The problem? Their big basement hasn’t changed much in all those years.

    Renovated Cool & Funky Basement

    Taking cues from a ski lodge chalet with natural wood shades, they repainted the walls, revamped their windows, used pleasing fabrics and brought in some amenities such as a pool table to spruce things up.
  9. Storage area makeover
  10. BEFORE:

    Before Storage Area Makeover

    Take one empty basement in a home done up in the French style, and what do you get? A canvas for something better!This family used their sparse basement mainly for storage, but knew they could improve it. And they did.

    After Storage Area Makeover

    Showing a good eye for detail, they gave the room a total overhaul, featuring a pleasing blend of colours and fabrics, and just-right furnishings such as cabinets and display shelving.
While factors like new doors or windows can make the biggest change to your basement, it’s worth remembering that even a little décor goes a long way. Take inspiration from these five makeovers and see what you can do to improve your space!
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