Life Hacks To Protect Your Windows And Doors From Canadian Winters

| 1 December 2015

Nothing is more refreshing than doing sports outdoors in the winter, but there’s a time and a place to enjoy the weather, and the cold is certainly an unwelcome guest when you’re at home trying to warm up from being outside.

Window Protection Tips

Drafts and poorly insulating windows let the warm air out; luckily there are a number of ways to block the incoming drafts and compensate for the lack of insulation using these simple tips!

Creating an air pocket with your window
You know what makes your winter jacket warm and toasty in the winter? The fibres inside your jacket form layer after layer of tiny pockets of air, slowing the transfer of heat away from your body. You can apply that simple concept to your home by sectioning off the area right in front of a window — this works best for windows that are recessed into a wall, such as sliding windows in basements. You can buy shrink film packs in hardware stores or tape heavy-duty plastic sheets to the wall adjacent to the window frame.

Window cracks
It’s hard to believe that on old windows, the pane, that’s made of glass, might survive intact better than the surrounding frame. For frames made of wood, the planks are susceptible to warping through exposure to moisture over time, leaving cracks that split crookedly throughout the frame. Alternatively, even though plastic is a durable material, it’s still susceptible to hairline cracks as a result of withstanding stress that’s applied over and over. Split wood can be restored using crack fillers (which is a type of paste), but if you don’t feel like buying a bottle of filler, you can use anything that’s removable but sticky, such as pipe putty.

Using the sun to warm the rooms
Every morning when you wake up, open the blinds that face any combination of South and West, and when you’re about to go to bed, close them to help with insulation. This can be done when you’re brushing your teeth to help you remember to do this chore everyday.

There are a number of other hacks to improve insulation, such as the use of weather stripping and door snakes, but all these are temporary fixes that will require touching up every once in awhile. For a more permanent fix, consider upgrading to higher quality, energy-efficient windows and doors, and take a look at our selection to see what’ll work for you!

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