Our Seven Favorite Home Renovation Shows

| 24 April 2015
Home renovation shows are some of the most popular programs on television, and with great reason! Each episode provides practical tips with interesting twists that give the shows an irresistible appeal, endless entertainment and great inspiration for your own renovations. Homeowners know how difficult it is to renovate their homes at a reasonable cost, and these shows give them a wealth of information that can help them create the home they’ve always wanted. The only problem with home reno shows is that there are so many! It’s hard to stay caught up on the ones you watch religiously and is even harder to keep an eye on them all. To keep you from having to constantly channel surf in an attempt to find the best of the best, we’ve compiled our top seven favourites that you can use to get great ideas for your next home project! 1.Holmes Makes It Right Holmes Makes It Right Mike Holmes definitely does it right on Holmes Makes It Right. In this series, Holmes goes beyond the residential domain and expands his comfort level. He strives not only to make people’s homes better, but to make people’s lives better at the same time. Circumstances are churned from disasters to miracles in Holmes Makes It Right. 2.Custom Built Custom Built Custom Built is one of the newer series on the list. A group of designers and builders embark on a journey to turn ordinary into extraordinary. Their unmatched skills are prominent in each episode, and their clients are almost always astounded by the spectacular results. They renovate everything from kitchens, bars, and even backyards into unrecognizable spaces. You can check out episodes of Custom Built on Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. E/T. 3.Disaster Decks Disaster Decks Paul Lafrance and his crew help homeowners tear down and rebuild their outdoor spaces completely from top to bottom in Disaster Decks. Paul’s signature sense of humor adds a fun and lighthearted touch to the show. Tune in HGTV any Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. E/T to catch a glimpse of Paul tearing Disaster Decks. 4.I Wrecked My House I Wrecked My House Canadian comedian Steve Patterson hosts this HGTV program as it takes a look at some of the more unusual renovation jobs attempted by well-meaning homeowners. Rather than hire a professional home renovation service, these homeowners decided to try it on their own, often using alternative materials that lead to some quirky results. The show’s new season premieres on April 28th on HGTV Canada with back-to-back episodes at 10:00/10:30 p.m. 5.Property Brothers Property Brothers With a team of two brothers, a contractor, and a property agent, Property Brothers is a lighthearted series about Drew and Jonathan who are on the hunt to find couples who want to find, buy and renovate the property of their dreams. Their goal is to give potential buyers amazing new homes. Watch a few episodes and become inspired by the Property Brother’s home renovations. 6.House Hunters: Renovation House Hunters: Renovation This show presents the house hunting process and the renovations that come once a property has been found. It takes you through the steps of giving an old place a new makeover, and provides great inspiration for your own home makeovers along the way. Viewers get tips on finding the perfect property as well as practical and unexpected ways to renovate it. You can check out a clip of the show here! 7. Love It Or List It Love It Or List It The hosts of Love It Or List, Hilary Farr and David Visentin, compete to persuade clients to choose between renovating their existing home and buying a new one. Love It Or List It helps viewers who struggle with new ideas for their homes and shows them how a renovation can be a wise investment. These shows give you a chance to see how renovations can be done at an affordable price and with amazing results! Check out our favorite home renovation shows and you’ll be sure to come away with new ideas for your home and a sudden urge to grab your tool belt. Catch Landmark windows on one of our favourites, I Wrecked My House, this season on HGTV!
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