Protect Your Home From Intruders With Secure Doors

| 11 April 2016

The importance of having a secure door to protect your home against intruders cannot be stressed enough. In fact, it is estimated that 70% of all intruders enter through doors, which includes front doors, patio doors and garage doors. In order to protect your home from home invaders, here are several ways you can increase your security with just a few simple changes:

Front Doors

Front Doors and Garage Doors:

  • Reinforced Steel or Wood Doors

    Doors can be made from a variety of materials. However, fiberglass, solid wood or reinforced metal doors are some of the most solid. If you’re investing in a new door, you should make it first priority to ensure that it has a solid core. Hollow doors are much easier to break down or otherwise damage.

  • Install a Deadbolt

    A deadbolt lock is a secondary lock that generally goes above the main lock. It makes entry more difficult as it requires a key to unlock it, and is often stronger than the average lock. Ensure that you invest in a high-quality deadbolt (grade 1 or 2), and that it is solid metal with no exposed screws on its exterior.

  • Install Cylinder Guards Around Lock Cylinders

    This refers to the area where you insert the key. Burglars can either remove or damage them by prying or hammering. Protect your lock cylinders with metal guard plates and use round-head carriage bolts to stop them from being unscrewed.

  • Install a Heavy-Duty Strike Plate

    For extra security, ensure that your strike plate is not thin and flimsy. Instead, install a heavy-duty, metal security strike plate. Ensure that plates are screwed in with four 3-inch screws.

  • Reinforce Doorjamb with Galvanized Steel

    Some houses can be broken into by breaking, kicking or prying the door frame. Reinforce your frame with galvanized steel. Alternatively, secure the door frames to the walls using a few 3-inch screws along the frame and the doorstep.

  • Secure Exposed Hinges

    Hinges should be on the inside of your door. However, if they are not, either have the door rehung or secure the exposed hinges with non-removable pins.

  • Replace Windowed Exterior Doors

    Although they are aesthetically pleasing, the windows can be broken into and the knob of a single-bolt system can simply be twisted. If you prefer windows in your doors, ensure that they are relatively small in size and are installed properly by a trusted professional.

Sliding Doors:

  • Install keyed locks at the top and bottom of your sliding doors.
  • Ensure that sliding doors are made from reinforced glass or plastic and not thin glass.
  • Place a wooden or metal dowel in the track to prevent doors from being opened through force.
  • Install motion sensors to sound alarm if the glass is broken.

It is important to increase the level of security of your door. Our expert team at Landmark can help you make the necessary changes to keep your property and your family safe. Contact the Landmark team today for more information!

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