Remember These Tips While Choosing Window Casings

| 14 December 2015

Looking to boost your home’s curb appeal? Consider spicing up its outward appearance with a set of custom window casings. The moldings that enclose the window’s exterior frame, their functional role is to provide an airtight seal against drafts and water leaks. In addition to maintaining the comfort level in your home and keeping its heating and cooling bills in check, casings are one often regarded as one of the best aesthetically appealing home improvement projects that can be done on the cheap.

Window Casing

The right casing can transform your house from a run of the mill property on the block, to a classy gem guaranteed to turn heads. Thanks to a vast selection of vintage and modern styles, homeowners have a lot more options today when it comes to choosing their ideal window casings. To make the most of your stylish, newfound investment, be sure to take the below tips into consideration.

Choose your Casings Carefully

First off, there are multiple casing types available for purchase. As their name suggests, complete casings are mouldings that enclose windows entirely. They are very popular, and are made available in single and stacked layered subtypes. The latter are recommended for homeowners interested primarily in the decorative benefits, as they offer a trimmed window effect.

Next up are the low-profile models. Standing in stark contrast to their complete counterparts, these casings are mainly used for their functionality. Not intended to serve as cosmetic focal points, they install flush with the window to block air drafts and leaks.

On the other end of the spectrum lies high-profile casings, which many homeowners prefer due to their incredible versatility. They can be inserted around an entire window, or placed along the top part of the frame for a touch of elegance. As well, the availability of pre-manufactured composite and plastic materials makes achieving the layered look of complete casings doable, without all the extra labor costs.

Modern and traditional casings comprise the remainder of the options. While the clean lines and minimalist construction offer a definite, new-age appeal, traditional window casings provide more in the way of conventional looks. These casings are best suited for older homes, especially turn of the 20th century builds and others outfitted with antique architectural styles.

Whichever casing type you end up with, make sure to choose one that complements the overall theme of your home. Color and material type are equally important in this respect; ultimately, your personal preference for function vs. form will determine the ideal casing.

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