Things To Remember When Choosing A Front Door

| 17 February 2015
Choosing a new front door for your home is an important decision. As most doors last several decades, this is a decision that you’ll want to be a sufficient amount of thought into.

Front Door Selection Tips

Not only do you want something durable, attractive, and inviting, you should also consider aspects such as security and energy efficiency. Luckily there are plenty of options available on the market, however this can sometimes make it hard to narrow down your choices and make a decision. When picking a front door, keep the following things in mind in order to choose the right product for your family: Not All Doors Are the Same Size The most important thing to remember is that not every door will fit your doorway, at least not without more extensive renovations which may or may not be possible depending on the design and structure of your home. The standard doorway is 32”-36” wide but they can be as large as 42” for a single-wide door and double doors are even larger. Don’t forget that ornamental elements such as transoms and sidelight will also require proper framing and extra space. In order to ensure you’re ordering a proper sized door, you should always get a professional to measure. Material Matters There are three common materials for modern doors, and they each have their advantages and disadvantages. Regardless of which materials you end up choosing, be sure to look for Energy Star ratings so you know you’re getting a door that will help improve the energy efficiency of your home. You will also want to think about the security of a given material before purchasing. Not all doors will keep your home safe from intruders, so be sure to opt for strong doors that cannot be easily tampered with.
    Wood Naturally beautiful but typically more expensive than other materials, wooden doors are more sensitive to climate conditions such as moisture and direct sunlight. Because of this, they’ll need to be checked regularly to ensure they are still in prime operating condition. A common choice for high-end products, they can be used to create truly stunning entrance ways but will require the highest level of maintenance of the three options. Fiberglass An extremely popular choice, doors made of fiberglass concentrate are both durable and affordable. They are also available in a wide range of styles including many designs that mimic wood. Lightweight but strong, these doors can last 15-20 years easily and are often made with foam cores for insulation. Requiring little maintenance, they are well-suited to harsher climates and are less expensive than wood. Although they’re more expensive than steel, they’ll last several years longer in most circumstances. Steel Very strong, steel doors will not crack or warp, but they can be dented and the dents are not always easy – or cheap – to repair. Depending on the material used at the core they can be fairly energy efficient, but many are not well-suited to harsher climates because of steel’s ability to conduct temperature. Inexpensive, they will not last as long as other doors, especially in high-traffic areas, but they are easy to install and require little maintenance.
The Frame is just as important as the Door It’s something that many home owners overlook, but the frame of the door is just as important as the door itself! Much like a beautiful painting can be tarnished with an ugly frame, a beautiful door can be dulled by a bland frame. Consider options like engraved frames, frames with windows, or even custom-coloured frames to add a little something extra to your entrance way. Complement Your Home’s Aesthetics Finally, don’t forget to consider the style and aesthetics of your home. Try to complement the architectural style by picking something that matches the time period in which it was built. Alternatively, chose a color to accent or match your exterior walls for a vibrant or unified appearance!
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