Three Things To Do Before Selling Your Home

| 26 June 2015
It is time to say goodbye to the place you have called home. Whether you’ve lived there for a few years or a few decade, this can be a bittersweet experience for the millions of people who do it every year; regardless if you are upgrading or downsizing, there are a number of things to run through prior to closing the deal. Selling Your Home A lot of homeowners get wrapped up in all the technicalities that they forget to address the important, big picture items. Long before you decide to list or launch the date of that first open house, it will be a good idea to perform a few essential items. Above all, you want your property to look its finest, because this will ultimately determine how much it sells for. Keep in mind that the best approach to selling is to meet the needs of the greatest number of buyers; there will likely be a lot of potential candidates, so avoid things like painting your walls in colors you personally enjoy if they’re not universally accepted as common wall colours. Adopt a seller’s mindset, and the process will be smooth sailing!

Do not list until you do this

    • Have an updated record of important documents While not the first thing a lot of sellers do when attempting to list, you stand a far better chance of signing a sale agreement if you can provide proof of maintenance records (like HVAC, plumbing, electrical and others), proof of a home warranty, and a certified inspections. Even the most interested buyer can be instantly discouraged if you fail to produce these items. The purchase of a home is no small investment, so people want to make sure you are thinking of their best interests.
    • Replace your doors and windows The cardinal rule of selling is to not skimp on much-needed updates and renovations. Never consider a new window or door replacement or coat of paint an unnecessary expense; rather, remind yourself that these are things that buyers pay attention to. Curb appeal is extremely important, so get busy and tend to that out-of-touch landscape, along with installing a new front door!
    • Clean your home inside and out When buyers walk inside; they are going to picture what it will be like to live there. Get rid of clutter and store your belongings in a temporary space for the time being; your house will appear larger and less congested.
Whatever you do, do not get lazy and assume your house will sell on its own. You likely have a lot of local competition, and with that, a lot of work to do to make your property stand out!
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