What Are Window Grills?

| 15 February 2016

Window grills are a popular decorative styling for homeowners looking to give their windows a traditional, elegant look, and increase curb appeal from the outside. These decorative patterns comprise horizontal and vertical bars placed in between glass inserts or (sealed units) panes to make the windows stand out from others in surrounding buildings.

Window Grills

Grills are placed in between the window panes during manufacturing, and don’t interfere with the cleaning and maintenance of the glass, or even the efficiency of low-emissivity coatings.

Choosing a Grill Style and Layout

When it comes to choosing window grills, there are numerous layouts, styles, sizes, and colors to choose from.

The grill layout refers to how the bars will look inside the window, with the most common configurations being prairie, colonial, ladder, and double ladder. Colonial grills are mostly used to make tall and narrow windows look wider, or for giving the impression of a panel. Prairie grills are great for giving a frame effect to large windows, especially when using a different color from that of your vinyl.

That said, homeowners can choose or design their own grill layout so it complements the overall feel of their home. With regard to available colors, most window manufacturers offer grills in the same colors as windows, as well as silver, gold, and metallic finishes.

Grills can be flat, circular, or with protruding edges, and range from .25 inches for circular to 1.375 inches for flat grills. The materials commonly used for grills are plastic for thinner panes, and aluminum for wider panes. However, manufacturers accommodate a wide variety of choices to allow full customization by different homeowners.

Factors to consider when ordering window grills:

  1. Primary purpose
  2. Besides the aesthetic function, window grills can also be installed as a security measure to prevent entry through large, accessible windows. If security is your primary concern, the grills should be made of substantial material and properly fastened with non-removable screws that have a deep cut into the window frame.

  3. Matching the grills to your windows
  4. Getting the grills to match your windows can be a challenge if your windows have different profiles or frame height, causing the grills to look different on their respective windows. However, you can discuss the different window profiles with your consultant so you have an idea of what to expect once the grills are installed.

  5. Energy efficiency
  6. If you are concerned about grills reducing the energy efficiency of your windows, you may want to consider getting additional low-emissivity coatings on the glass in order to improve their performance and efficiency.

Lastly, it is important that you discuss warranty terms with your project consultant to protect yourself from any unforeseen issues during or after installation.

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