What Type Of Door Will Best Match Your Home’s Appearance?

| 15 December 2015

When homeowners renovate their homes, usually the emphasis is on wall colours and flooring materials. But focussing only on those parts misses out on numerous details that influence the impression a room leaves on people.

Suitable Front Door

Doors are one such detail that’ll give you the most bang for your buck. They’re immediately noticed by all who enter and exit the home, making them more prominent than details such as mouldings, which are nice but less likely to be noticed.

Reclaimed wooden doors
Reclaimed wood is one of the trendiest choices in home renovations largely because of the upcycling movement, which is motivated by environmental concerns.

Reclaimed doors are often either made of existing doors from older buildings, such as farms, or by stacking planks of wood and securing them together using a steel frame. This type of door works best in homes with aged wood used in furniture or in floors.

Arched doorways
Not all front doors can be replaced with an arched doorway — it works best with wider front doors or when there’s an overhang above the front entrance. An arched entry is usually accompanied by glass sidelights for extra embellishment and suits homes with an old-world, European twist.

Letting the light in
Some architecture embraces the beauty of glass, exposing the interior with large, bright windows, as found in homes such as rowhouses. To match the windows with the doors, you could use glass inserts that bring greater visual interest by either using glass with delicate patterns carefully etched into the side or using geometric steel frames to section the patterns into different shapes. Glass inserts come in a variety of lengths with full length and ¾ lengths being the most popular.

Strong and beautiful
Steel doors can have a standard appearance, but there are so many options that could fit perfectly in a modern home. Steel is one of the most durable and sturdy materials available for door fabrication, but glass inserts, moulding, and paint can make it as unique as any of the other options above.

Here are some hints that your home is designed using contemporary architecture:

  • use of stucco and multiple large windows
  • combining rustic appeal with pastel colours
  • choosing rectangular shapes over angled slopes

In addition, you can always choose custom fabrication for a perfect match! For more inspiration, talk to one of our representatives for a full catalogue of your full options.

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