Best Security Screen Doors for Double Entry That Will Make Your Home Safer

| 16 July 2018

Thousands of home invasions and burglaries occur each year across Ontario. Of these home invasions, about 30% of intruders enter the home directly through the front door. Burglars aren’t always as clever as they are portrayed in movies; most intruders just target the weak point of entry such as homes with minimal security like those without an alarm system, no fencing, or leave doors and windows unlocked. Your home’s best protection against a burglary is to ensure your home’s windows and doors are absolutely secure.

Security Screen Doors For Double Entry Doors

A high-security screen door for double entry is often a feature that is overlooked. There is a misconception that a security screen door adds bulk and doesn’t provide a cohesive look to the exterior of the home. This couldn’t be more wrong. Security screen doors can be more than just steel bars on hinges that cover your front door. In fact, there are security screen doors designed so beautifully that they look like any other high-quality front door, but are actually heavy duty double doors.

Not only does a security screen door provide the best security against intruders, it is very modern to have a double-entry door. A security screen door can be custom built from high-grade materials to provide excellent curb appeal and added value to the home. Although security screen doors can have various designs, even ones that appear like normal entryways, they are actually about two-inches thick and weighing about 160 pounds or more. They are highly resistant to extreme weather conditions and almost impossible for someone to break through.

If you’re in the market for a security door for your home, here are the features you want to look out for:

  • Locks: Each door is secured with a deadbolt that is kick-proof.

  • Glass: Proper security screen doors will not be designed to have glass near the door handle since a burglar would just smash the window to gain entry to the handle.

  • Materials: The strongest materials for a security screen double-entry door is hardwood and steel. Fibreglass is also an appealing option because of the price. It’s durable and does not corrode over time, however, it could be cracked or broken with the right amount of force.

Fibreglass is typically the best material for to choose for entry doors because they require little to no maintenance and you won’t have to worry about it warping or cracking due to wear and tear. They can also be customized in a variety of designs to suit your style. Custom entry doors come in a factory white finish. However, we have the ability to colour-match to ensure that the entry door doesn’t clash with your home’s exterior. Additionally, if there’s a particular design or style you want, fibreglass doors can be crafted in any shape you’d like and have a variety of decorative and standard glass options. Whether you are looking for a modern, classic, or avant-garde door.

What you need to know about the installation of a security screen door:

You need to determine whether your high-security door is a pre-hung or slab door. Here’s the difference: a pre-hung door is equipped with a door frame, while slab doors are just the door. Prehung doors are a necessity if your current door is more than 25-years old because they ensure a sealed frame.

Secondly, installing a high-security door requires skill and precision, especially if you want a security door that will actually do its job to keep intruders out and not damage your existing door. It’s recommended that you want to hire a professional door installer. You need a lot of precision to make sure your door fits perfectly, snaps into the latch, and swings effortlessly on its hinges.

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