Is Your Home Safe Enough?

| 3 July 2017

For the first time in twelve years, Canada’s crime index rose in 2016, largely because of a spike in Alberta. But crime, particularly property crime, rose in British Columbia, Ontario and Saskatchewan. Eight out of the thirteen provinces and territories reported a rise. While non-violent crime is still down, the amount of theft and burglary in Canada is startling. It begs the question: is your home safe enough?

How Safe Is Your Home?

Home security systems are becoming more and more popular in Canada, and for good reason. If you are worried about the spike in property crime in the country, and feel that you might be vulnerable to burglary and break-in, consider how easy it is for thieves to break into an unsecured house.

The Front Door

34% of break-ins happen right through your home’s front door. It makes sense that the biggest, most visible entry point to your home is very often used. One of the best things that you can do to minimize break-ins through the front door is to invest in a solid, pick resistant dead-bolt lock. It also pays to keep your outdoor entry light on a timer so that your house is illuminated at night, particularly when you are not at home.

First Floor Windows

Thieves will break into your home through a first floor window roughly 23% of the time. Do you have sash locks on your windows? Do you have a wireless alarm system built into your windows? You should really have both of these to protect yourself from burglary. Sash locks to prevent easy prying and opening, and an alarm system to make sure that there is an audible deterrent to thieves if windows are opened when they shouldn’t be.

Side Entries

The side entry of a home is used 22% of the time to break-in. These are the points of entry that are usually hidden away from the street and from prying eyes. Many people have sliding glass doors at the side of their home, but don’t, unfortunately, have a metal jammer that folds up when it is not being used to make sure that the door cannot be forced backwards when shut.

While Canada is still a relatively safe country when compared with our neighbours to the south, or even many European countries, it is becoming increasingly vulnerable to property crime, and not enough people are protected in ways that they should be. If reading the above has caused concern and you know your home is not as fortified as it should be, perhaps looking into additional security measures would serve you well.

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