A Guide To Purchasing Home Windows

| 27 June 2016

Looking to purchase new windows for your home? Windows come in different types, styles, shapes and materials. If you don’t know the difference between a fixed window and a bay window, you may not know what type of window to choose. Our guide to buying residential windows can help.

A Guide To Purchasing Home Windows

Energy Savers

Before considering which type of window you want, you should think about your utility bill. Many opt for energy-efficient windows to reduce their monthly bills. Twenty percent of our home’s energy is lost through windows and doors and in order to combat that loss look for products that are energy-efficient and properly rated.


When it comes to window materials, we are actually referring to the frame. The window panes themselves are always made of glass. You can choose frames made of wood, vinyl or fibreglass. Aluminum used to be a popular choice but vinyl seems to be taking over since it is easier to produce. When it comes to window materials, one is not more durable than the other. It comes down to your personal taste.


  • Hinge:This type of window works by using a hinge (joint or mechanism) that allows it to open and close. To operate hinge windows a crank (lever) is installed at either the bottom or at hand height so you can open/close them easily. Hinge windows have a locking mechanism in place to ensure that the window doesn’t move when it’s open on windy days.
  • Sliders (horizontal):These windows slide horizontally to allow for maximum ventilation. They have sashes which are moveable panels on the pane that allow the window to open.
  • Hung (vertical):Hung windows come in two types, single and double. On a single hung window only one sash moves while on the double hung version both sashes move.
  • Fixed:As their name suggests, fixed windows do not move. They are ideal for hallways and as part of a larger window display where ventilation isn’t needed but natural light is.
  • Bay/Bow:Bay windows are made of both fixed and operable windows. They project outwards and are often accompanied by a wall-built bench to create more space or a reading nook. Bow windows are curved bay windows. Both bay and bow windows protrude outwards.

No matter what you’re looking for, Landmark Home Solutions can help you find it. We are window experts and our product lines are energy-efficient and stylish. We also provide installation, replacement and maintenance.

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