How To Detect If Your Double Glazing Has Failed

| 26 September 2016

Your home may have older, double-glazed windows that look and feel fine, but you may not be aware that the time has come to replace them with newer, more energy efficient windows. If all you have ever known is traditional double glazing, you may be unaware of how to detect failures. Below are some of the telltale signs that your double glazing has failed.

How To Detect If Your Double Glazing Has Failed

Water leaks. If the water leak is coming through the frame, it may be an issue related to a failure of the window’s weather seals, or the drainage section could be blocked, trapping water on the inside. If there are gaps around the edge of the frame, your sealing may be broken and in need of urgent repair or replacement.

Condensation. If condensation is forming on the inside of your windows, the ventilation, the use of the room and the temperature both inside and outside of your house may be causing it. This is one of the major problems with double-glazed windows compared to more energy efficient windows. Double-glazed windows do not allow the window to efficiently regulate the internal temperature of your home, forcing you to turn the heat or air conditioning up or down constantly.

Cracks, chips, holes and scratches. If your double-glazed window has any cracks, chips, holes or scratches, this is a good indicator that your window has outlived its useful life and is in need of either repair or preferably replacement.

Trouble regulating the temperature in your home. If you are constantly having to adjust the central heating or air conditioning in your home because it is either too hot or too cold, your double-glazed windows may be to blame. Energy efficient windows help to eliminate this problem by more efficiently controlling the hot and cold air that you let into and out of your house. Windows that are unable to do this have failed and should be replaced with more energy efficient options.

Many old homes, especially those that haven’t undergone a window upgrade, probably utilize double-glazed windows. This is old technology as far as windows go and it’s important to know when your double-glazed windows have failed and are in need of an upgrade. Keep an eye out for the above if you think you are having window problems and address the issue accordingly.

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