How to Recognize and What To Do About Poorly Installed Home Windows

| 23 April 2018

Window installations offer many benefits to your home, such as increased natural lighting, better air flow, and an improved aesthetic that will make your home more beautiful and cozy. But window installs can be expensive and daunting, and mistakes may happen: the incorrect window size for your frame could be purchased, or the installer could fail to follow proper manufacturer guidelines, leading to a poor window installation. A poor installation means much more than just a minor nuisance; improperly installed windows can turn into a huge headache, both for your wallet, and your own comfort.

Poorly Installed Home Windows

Here are the top four signs your home’s windows are poorly installed:

Letting in cold air

When there is a gap between the window frame and the case, drafts are a common occurrence. Look for visible gaps between the frame and sill, or the frame and wall. Also look for a sudden increase in your energy bills; windows that let in a draft will cause your central heating to kick on much more frequently and spike your bills.

Condensation within the panes

If you notice condensation between the panes of double-glazed windows, you are likely dealing with a sealing problem. The perimeter sealant may be broken, or may have been improperly installed.

Traces of mold beginning to grow on sills

This is often related to leaks and water damage, so check for rotting, sagging, or swelling wood in the frame. Leaks may be caused by improperly installed windows, over or under-sized windows or frames, a broken seal, or gaps in the installation.

Improper or ineffective operation

If your windows do not open or close properly, for example if the sash gets caught or stuck when opening the window, your installer may have failed to follow the manufacturer guidelines. Over time, some catching is to be expected, but if your windows are catching soon after installation, they were likely not installed correctly, or they are the incorrect size.

How to fix your windows:

  1. You could try and do it yourself, though this is not recommended, unless you are very experienced with window installations. The DIY network outlines some basic methods of repairing common window problems.

  2. Try contacting the original installer. It’s possible your problematic window installation was a rare mistake, and they may want to try and set things right. However, if they are unreliable installers, this will likely cause more headaches for you.

  3. Alternatively, try hiring a new installer, preferably one with experience with the types of home windows you want installed, and favorable reviews online. Learn recommended methods to pick the best installer for your needs.

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