What Is The E-Renovate Program All About?

| 8 August 2016

It seems undeniable that in the 21st century, the word trust doesn’t mean what it used to. This is especially true when it comes to home ownership. The internet has made it possible for anyone to say, or claim anything about themselves, about their business, or their reputation. We rely on rating agencies and services to make sure that when we do business, we are doing it with dependable companies, whose work we can rely on and have confidence in. That is was the E-renovate program is all about. It’s Canada’s most intensive verification program for home renovation professionals and the only one that delivers information about qualified leads directly into the palm of your hand.

The Benefits Of E-Renovate Certification

Conveniently provides leads. E-renovate allows you to go about your daily life and receive leads at the same time. All you need is a smart phone and an account and e-renovate will send you leads from clients who value honesty, hard work and professionalism.

Integrate your content. It’s no longer sufficient just to have a good product these days. We live in the age of the image and people want to be able to see with their own eyes exactly what you have to offer. They also want to see the people behind the brand. E-renovate provides you with a platform to upload images, video, testimonials and any other related content, allowing you to really show what you’ve got to offer.

Unmatched organization. E-renovate is the only platform that allows you to control and organize every facet of your business right from your hand. You can create a schedule for you and your employees, manage bids, keep records, send content and find the most reputable subcontractors.

Get verified. E-renovate is well respected and the verification signals to potential clients that you are someone worth hiring, who will get the job done right and will keep their best interests in mind. It lets clients know that you are insured and conscientious.

E-renovate lends a significant amount of credibility to your reputation. By showing people that you are willing to be vetted by the platform’s rigorous verification process, you are showing them that your business is one that is dedicated to hard, honest work. If you are interested in pursuing E-renovate certification as a business, or are looking to hire a company you can rely on, consider the above benefits of the E-renovate program and make sure your business, or your home gets the best it deserves.

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