25 Small Patio Space Ideas

| 30 April 2018

The patio is a place where people go to unwind and relax. There really is nothing like sitting on your patio with a quaint view of the neighborhood, taking in the sunlight (or even better, the sunset) and enjoying a nice drink while you decompress after a long day.

Patio Space Ideas

However, not everyone has a spacious patio space to decorate. But you can still make the most of what you’ve got! Check out these small patio ideas to glam up your backyard:

  1. Add some color to your furniture

    Spruce up your patio space with colourful furniture! Use bright colours for a fun and inviting feel or try some darker tones for a more sophisticated vibe.

  2. Light up the landscape

    Use lowlights or mood lighting for a romantic night in!

  3. For a natural feel, add some plants!

    Adding plants to your patio space will give you that sense of calm that only nature can provide.

  4. Just add water

    Adding a fountain next to your patio can be the perfect statement piece for your backyard.

  5. Mosaic flooring

    Mosaic flooring in your outdoor patio space adds an artistic flair that is sure to impress. And it’s not just for large patios either! Patios can feature a mosaic floor and still look classy and offer an artistic flair.

  6. Create a cottage garden look

    If you want to be surrounded by plants, try a cottage garden look. Carefully placed plants around your patio space will make your home look like the English countryside!

  7. Add a firepit

    -If you can, adding a fireplace or a small fire pit to your outdoor patio space can be an exciting feature. It can provide warmth during the cooler autumn evenings and looks great as a centerpiece.

  8. Make use of your front porch

    If you lack backyard space for a small patio, there is no reason to limit your ability to design patio space for your home. Sometimes the patio is in the front of your house and you can make it look just as quaint and have it be just as relaxing! Just by adding simple pieces of furniture and décor you can achieve the same goals.

  9. Go for a flagstone patio

    Adding a flagstone patio, even when with mixed materials, can give your patio space a nice natural and abstract feel. Try pairing it with cooler colors for a sophisticated and modern look.

  10. Try maintaining a color palette

    If abstract isn’t your style, you can try sticking to a color palette. If you have a lot of plants or flowers, try brighter colors. If you have more stone features or darker furniture, try going with cooler colors or earth tones.

  11. Create a rendezvous patio

    A patio space can be a place for you to relax by yourself, but if you’re the type to entertain, then add ample seating so that others can enjoy your space as well. Try to look for furniture that is comfortable, perhaps with cushions for seating, so that people will feel at ease when enjoying the patio space.

  12. Keep your patio warm

    If you want to enjoy your patio well into the cooler autumn months, then add a patio heater. Some patio heaters are relatively inexpensive and can be well worth the investment if you enjoy sitting outside.

  13. Less is more

    Depending on how small your patio space is, keeping it simple may be a good idea. Minimalist design is extremely popular, and even just a few seating places and simple pieces of décor can go a long way when creating your relaxation space.

  14. Add a little colour

    If you’re looking for a certain piece of furniture or other décor item on your patio to pop out, try using a contrasting colour to the overall theme. For example, if your theme is darker or if you have a lot of plants, try a bright coloured chair for a colourful flair to your patio.

  15. Keep it neutral

    If you’re not a fan of bright light and bright colors, keep the theme neutral. It has been said that neutral colors (whites, beiges) can help your patio space seem larger than it is.

  16. Try adding a centerpiece

    Having a centerpiece or focal point on your patio can go a long way. In doing this, it can inspire a more artistic approach to how you design your patio. This could be anything from a fire pit to a piece of art. Try going for something tall and/or large to make it stand out.

  17. Give your patio an urban kick

    Try giving your patio an urban feel by adding just a few chairs and maybe some nature themed artwork or actual greenery and plants. Urban green spaces are fast becoming very popular and will make your patio space look trendy and hip.

  18. Use wood planters instead

    Wood planters are fast becoming a stylish alternative to the typical ceramic planter. Adding a few of these on your patio will give it the natural feel you’re looking for while still maintaining a trendy vibe.

  19. Put in a kitchen!

    Even if you have a patio space that is smaller you can still put in a short kitchen. The benefits really speak for themselves, especially if you’re the type to entertain a lot of guests in your outdoor space.

  20. Try out a patio garden

    Small patios are a great place to have an urban garden, especially if you’re in the city. Use some of the wooden planters mentioned earlier to start growing some tomatoes or herbs. This design tactic is truly making the most of your space.

  21. Try a Mediterranean garden

    By simply adding some chairs, a table and an awning or some kind of cover from the sun, you can create the perfect cozy eating space for dining outdoors.

  22. Make it an artistic space

    Your patio should be a place where you can be creative and make it look however you see fit. Try placing pieces of art throughout your patio that give it a personal touch.

  23. Give it a modern feel

    Try adding furniture to your patio that gives it a modern feel. Go for a design of modernist French, or outdoor Scandinavian furniture.

  24. Try going for a rustic look

    When paired with flagstone flooring, you can’t go wrong with a rustic look. Just add some well-placed wooden furniture for a well put-together rustic yet chic feel.

  25. Make it truly a place for relaxation

    For the ultimate relaxation spot, try adding a hammock. This is an excellent and also inviting piece of furniture you can put on your patio.

These patio ideas are sure to make the most of your small patio space. These patio ideas and other backyard ideas should always be kept in the back of your mind when you’re looking to create a space for yourself to truly enjoy. There’s nothing like a relaxing outdoor space to take your mind off of the rest of life’s problems so you can focus on yourself.

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