How To Replace A Single Hung Window Sash

| 27 December 2017

At some point during the life of your home, you will probably either want or need to replace a single hung window sash. This is one of the most common window types you find in both modern and traditional home, and single hung window installation is definitely a good skill to have for any homeowner. If you are thinking about replacing or installing a single hung window sash on your own, below are some tips and recommendations to help you make the project a success.

Replacing A Single Hung Window Sash

Take Measurements

This is the first and most important step. Before ordering a replacement sash, you need to know exactly how big the existing sash opening is. You will need to measure the width and the height and determine exactly where the bottom of the sash is. You may be able to locate the bottom point near the existing paint mark.

Determine the Angle of the Sill

You can use a palm-sized sill angle finder to measure your sill angle. You will need to use the previous measurements of width and height and include the angle when ordering your sash replacement kit.

Remove the Old Sash

With a utility knife, score the sides of the sash of the window from top to bottom. Using a pry bar, pry the old side stop off. You can either reuse the old stops, or replace them with the new ones that came with your sash kit. Remove the old sash parting stops and upper sash by sliding it down and lifting it out.

Add the Insulation and Attach the Brackets

This is a very important part of single hung window installation because it has a huge impact on future energy efficiency. Fill the sash cavity with insulation. Next, nail the metal brackets on each side of the window (space an even distance apart). Start two inches from the top of the frame and stop two inches from the bottom.

Upper and Lower Sash and Inside Casing

These next parts are something you might want to speak to a single hung window installation expert about. Getting the upper sash, lower sash, and the inside casing right is paramount, and not something you want to leave to chance.

Replacing your own single hung window sashes is something you can certainly attempt on your own, but you may reach a point during the installation when you have to call the experts for advice or help. Keep the above steps in mind when installing your single hung window sash, and never be afraid to ask the installation pros for assistance.

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