Should You Replace Your Windows Before Selling Your Home?

| 19 February 2018

Many people scramble to make last minute adjustments and replacements before putting their home on the market. Anxious to give themselves whatever kind of competitive edge they can over the rest of the homes on the block, and to add as much resale value as possible, people want to know what to keep and what to cut. If you are wondering about whether to keep or get rid of your current windows before putting your home on the market, below are some things to keep in mind.

Replacing Your Windows Before Selling Your House

Energy Efficiency

In this day in age, people expect energy efficient features and finishes all throughout the home. With the cost of energy and people’s increasing knowledge of their carbon footprint and environmental impact, old, single-pane, outdated windows are likely not going to be an option. If you are a homeowner trying to sell a home without energy efficient windows, you might find people will pass you over in favour of a home that does.

Out of Date

New homeowners are often interested in getting a home that looks like it is updated and current. That means the home is following modern design trends. It is easy to tell when something belongs to another era altogether and windows are no exception. This year’s trends include sharp lines and bronze accents on wooden windows. Prospective homebuyers have likely been looking in homeowner magazines and, whether consciously or subsciously, have images of these new window trends in mind. This will affect their expectations and influence their tastes when shopping for a new place to live.

Falling Apart

One of the largest determining factors of success when selling your home is how prospective homebuyers judge its curb appeal. What does your home look like from the street? A large part of the answer depends on what your windows and doors look like. Poorly maintained windows are often taken as a sign of a poorly maintained homes in general (whether it’s true or not). If you are standing in front of your home, take a look around. Do you notice that your neighbours windows all look much nicer and in much better shape than your own? You should probably consider investing in new windows before you put your house on the market.

New windows are something that potential buyers look for because they don’t want to have to go and spend the money themselves after just clearing a hefty downpayment. If they look at your home and think they are going to have to spend additional funds fixing things you could have fixed yourself before selling, they might take a pass, especially if it’s a buyer’s market and they’ve got options.

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