Replacing Windows In Your Summer Cottage

| 26 February 2018

Your summer cottage is the place where you and your family go to relax, unwind and forget about the hustle and bustle of city life. Ideally, you want it your cottage getaway to be comfortable, but not an exact replica of your suburban home. With some modern amenities, but not so many as to defeat the purpose of escaping modernity. One of the things you do want, however, is the best windows you can get. Rustic doesn’t have to mean cheap or inefficient. Below are some things to consider when replacing the windows on your summer cottage.

Replacing Windows At The Cottage


If you are replacing old windows on a summer cottage, your first consideration should be energy efficient replacement windows. Energy efficient replacement windows are important not just because they are going to add resale value to your cottage, but because you don’t want to have to rely on central heating and cooling during the summer. Cottage country can get hot and having windows that allow you to effectively and efficiently thermoregulate the cottage will save you money on your energy bill, cut down on your carbon consumption and make sleeping during the evening much more comfortable.


You might not select windows that would look great in a sleek downtown loft. The point of being outside of the city and closer to nature is that you want to blend in with the great outdoors. Just as it would look strange to go hunting wearing an Italian suit, it looks out of place to have a cottage with windows that look more at home in the middle of a bustling metropolis.

Natural Light

Being close to nature means maximizing your harmony with it. A cottage should rely on as little artificial modernity as possible and that means light sources. Your cottage windows should maximize the amount of natural light you let in so that you don’t have to keep the lights on when you don’t have to. Natural light feels and looks better in a natural setting so look for bay windows and other large window styles (especially in the kitchen and dining area) that allow you a scenic view and allow plenty of light in. You can always choose window treatments that allow you to regulate the light as you see fit.

When replacing your cottage windows, keep in mind the above tips. Energy efficient replacement windows should be your first consideration, followed by windows that go well with the theme of the cottage and those which allow you to be as close to nature as possible.

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