How to Replace the Screen in a Screen Door or Window

| 29 May 2018

Sooner or later, the window or door screens in your home are going to require fixing or replacing. If you live in an older home, you probably already know this. The fact is that every homeowner should know the way to fix a few minor things around their home, and replacing a door or window screen is one of them. Here are tips on the best way to replace a screen in an aluminum framed window or door:

Door Or Window Screen Replacing

Remove The Old Screen

If the screen is filled with tiny holes or even one gigantic hole, a quick repair will not take care of the problem — it needs to be replaced. You will require a few tools and materials such as a replacement screen, scissors, tape, clamps, rolling tool, screwdrivers and plastic cording. Take a screwdriver, knife, or some other object and lift the screen out of position. Generally, the screen is held in position by a plastic cord or some sort of molding that encircles the screen area.


Take the metal frame and place it on the ground. Now, it is time to measure the screen. Take the screen and pull or stretch it across the metal screen frame. Make sure that the screen is over the edge of the entire frame. Leave about a two inch excess of screen out beyond the screen frame. Next, take a pair of sharp scissors and cut the screen material carefully. Make sure that you measure carefully and review the cut before proceeding.

New Screen Placement

It is time to attach the new screen material to the door or window. Carefully, align the screen material around the edges of the frame. Grab the screen material and pull it as firmly as possible across the entire frame. Tape the screen material or clamp it down, beginning at the top and bottom of the screen.

Insert Material

You will need a convex wheel or some type of rolling instrument to install the screen. A tool for this purpose will be available at your local hardware store. Take the rolling tool and push the screen material into the frame. Remove any extra screen material with scissors. Keep the material as tight as possible, and then re-install the spline or the plastic molding that held the screen in position. Remove any excess material with a knife or scissors.

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