Where Do End Vent Sliders Best Fit In Your Home?

| 18 October 2017

When thinking about casement window installation, one of the main recurring questions that people tend to have is where end vent sliders will fit best in their home. This depends on a few factors, which the following section will lay out, to help you make the best decision for end vent slider placement in your home.

Where To Put End Vent Sliders
What Are End Vent Sliders?

If you are unfamiliar with the term end vent slider, and don’t have much experience with casement window installation, end vent sliders are windows that open at either end and come with two screens. The sashes on these windows lift out so that you can clean them when need be, but the windows can be custom made so that they swing inwards.

Casement window installation of end vent sliders places a fixed centre window with two sashes on the side which open and allow for effective cross ventilation. The sashes slide horizontally and tilt inwards, allowing for easy access when it comes time to clean them.

Where to Place Them

The general rule of thumb when thinking about casement window installation is that end vent sliders tend to work well in locations around your home where an outswinging window would be too much of an interference with landscaping, decks, patios, or walkways. This means that they tend to work well around walkways, above areas where you are likely to be spending a lot of time gardening or landscaping, or areas where you would like to keep windows open but don’t want the open window taking up too much horizontal space outside.

If you plan on entertaining on your deck or patio and don’t want to have to worry about open windows that people might walk into, or be forced to walk around, then end vent sliders are often the right choice.

Most end vent sliders come with drainage flaps, meaning they are great if wet weather tends to approach your home from a certain direction and one side of your home gets hit harder with wind and rain than the other.

If you are thinking about casement window installation, and are wondering about the advantages and some strategic use recommendations for end vent sliders, keep the above information in mind. Many people opt for end vent sliders because of the convenience, how easy they are to clean, and their ability to minimize interference with outdoor activities such as gardening, landscaping and entertaining.

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