Can You Replace Windows In A Sliding Glass Door?

| 12 June 2017

Sliding glass doors are a great feature on a home because they offer a convenient access point, and allow a tremendous amount of sun in. We’ve all heard stories of people running into sliding glass doors, or of cracks and chips in sliding glass doors from major weather events. You may have wondered if it is even possible to replace the glass afterwards without having to call a window and door company to come and replace the entire door. Below is some information to keep in mind if you suddenly find yourself with a sliding glass door that needs repair or replacement.

How To Replace Windows In A Sliding Glass Door

In short, yes you can replace the windows in a sliding glass door, but there are some things that need to be done before the glass can be replaced.

Removing the Trim

The first thing that you, or a window and door company will need to do, is remove the trim from around the glass. This can be done using a small putty knife, which is slid between the trim and the glass and then used to pry it off. It is important to go slowly and carefully so that the trim doesn’t end up damaged in the process.

Now You Can Remove the Glass

Once you have removed the fragmented or cracked glass, the remaining pieces and shards should be carefully picked out and discarded. That putty knife will come in handy again removing the shards from around the trim, so you can be confident you are not going to hurt yourself when the new glass goes in.

Installing the New Glass

Once the frame is free of glass, it is possible to measure the height and width of the frame. If you are hiring a window and door company to do the replacement for you, they will then take this measurement either to a glass shop to be cut, or cut the glass to match the measurement in-house. Alternatively, if you have experience with these sorts of things, you can take the measurements to a glass cutter yourself.

If you suddenly find yourself with a patio or glass sliding door that needs the glass replaced, don’t fret; it doesn’t mean that you now need to replace the entire door. Either contact your local window and glass company, or, if you feel confident in your abilities, you can attempt to undertake the above process on your own, but know that damaged glass can be replaced.

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  1. Posted on Jun 12 | 2017 By Callum Palmer

    Considering how many homes have sliding glass doors it really is great to learn how to replace any damaged or broken glass. I particularly like that your article starts things off by telling readers how to remove the trim. After all, even professional glass replacement services need to know how to remove the damage glass before inserting the new panes.

  2. Posted on Jun 12 | 2017 By granite shop @expresskitchen

    A sliding glass door looks better than a normal window and they are really convenient to access. Thanks for sharing the blog and helping with some ideas about how to convert a simple window into a sliding door and what are the points to keep in mind while doing that. Thanks for such a nice blog.

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