How To Make Your Vinyl Windows Last A Lifetime

| 1 August 2016

Vinyl windows are great, but they are expensive. It is not something you will want to purchase several times while you are living in your current home. Whenever you invest in high end products like vinyl windows, it is always a good idea to educate yourself on their care and maintenance. Below are some ways to make sure that your vinyl windows last a lifetime.

Get The Most Out Of Your Vinyl Windows

Think simply when it comes to cleaning. A mild dish soap mixed in hot water and applied with a soft washcloth will be able to gently, and effectively remove dirt from your vinyl windows. Harsh and caustic cleaners such as bleach should be avoided whenever possible, as well as pressure washers as they are both capable of causing considerable damage to sensitive vinyl.

Lubricate regularly. The moving parts of your vinyl windows, including hinges, tracks, guide arms and rotor gears and become sticky and stiff over the course of the window’s life. In order to prevent this from happening, it is recommended that you lubricate your windows at least once a year using a silicone release spray, or a light machine oil (3 to 1). If you have sliding windows, apply lubricant to the track, which could be either silicone or a Teflon spray.

Be prepared for adjustments. Living in Canada means dealing with the realities of our harsh climate changes throughout the year and inclement weather. It may become necessary at certain times during the year, especially after particularly brutal storms, to adjust your windows, as they, and their moving parts may become loose.

Remove screens during winter months. Perpetual condensation on your windows can present health concerns as well as damage your vinyl, so make sure to remove screens during the hot and humid summer months to reduce mould and mildew build-up. When reinstalling your screen during the summer, wipe it down and then dry it off before placing it back on.

Additional tips. Inspect caulking on a yearly basis to ensure that everything remains waterproof and is able to keep out the elements and make sure that weather-stripping and hardware is not painted over as this could damage your vinyl window as well as void your warranty.

Vinyl windows are a great option because of the way they look, their insulation properties and their ability to keep out moisture. They do, however, come with a unique set of care and upkeep instructions that you will want to stick to in order to keep your windows functional and safe. Incorporate the above care into your window maintenance routine and ensure that your vinyl windows last a lifetime.

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