How to Install a Window Box

| 6 June 2018

As you look at the front of your home, are you thinking of ways to add curb appeal? Or perhaps you’re considering starting projects that don’t fit your current budget. Instead, you could focus on adding details that are both cost-effective and time-efficient. Adding a window box is a great way to bring life to an otherwise dull home.

How To Install A Window Box?

Another added benefit of having a window box installed is its ability to bring life to a home’s interior. Having flowers at window level means that you will be able to enjoy the colourful aesthetic of flowers without having to leave your home.

Installing a window box is a simple process that won’t break the bank and is sure to make your home feel more charming and put together. Here are the simple steps you need to follow to install a window box:

  1. Gather your materials

    These are the things you will need to complete your window box project:

    • Painter’s tape
    • A 1×8 wooden board cut to the length of your window
    • 2 brackets
    • Marker
    • Hex screws
    • Planter box
    • Power screwdriver
    • Handheld screwdriver
    • Potting mix
    • Plants or flowers
    • Corbels (optional)

    Once you have gathered all your materials, you’re ready to begin building a window box for your home.

  2. Put the boards up

    The first step in making a window box is to cut the 1×8 piece of wood to the length of your window. Using a power screwdriver, attach the board below the window, while aligning it with the studs to ensure the board is secure and can withhold the weight of the potting mix. The bottom of your new flower holder will be about a half inch lower than the board, so decide where you want the flowers to be before attaching it to the wall.

    Pro tip: You want to make your window box as wide as the window, but make sure it’s not more than three inches wider than the trim of the window.

  3. Add brackets and corbels

    You need to attach your brackets approximately six inches from the ends of the wood board. The purpose of the brackets is to hold the box that your flowers will eventually go into. If you’re wanting to personalize your window box a little more, consider going for a more elegant look by adding corbels beneath the brackets. The corbels can be painted a solid colour, such as white, or stained the same colour as the wood you attached to the studs.

  4. Attach your window box

    Once your corbels are dry and attached, you’re ready to install your window box. Slide the planter box into the brackets and make sure it’s steady. You can test this by putting a little bit of weight on the box to make sure it’s caught onto the bracket. Doing this step can be very helpful down the road as it could save you from having to clean up an unnecessary mess. Once secure, you’re ready to move on to the next step.

  5. Add potting mix

    After your planter box is secure, it’s ready for you to pour in the potting mix. Avoid emptying the entire bag into the box, fill it so that it’s about three-quarters of the way full. If you pour in too much potting mix, you won’t have room for the plants and it might spill over and make a mess on the ground below the window.

  6. Add flowers

    The best part of a project is when you get to see it all come together. When you add flowers to your potting mix, you will see a huge transformation to your windows, and thus your entire home. For a variety of heights and textures, consider adding taller plants at the back and shorter plants towards the front. Adding a variety of colours will also help make your window a beautiful eye-drawing feature of your home. When you add the flowers to your window box you can be creative and choose any colour or plant options you find appealing to the eyes. One recommendation would be for you to pick plant colours based on the colour wheel.

    When at the store shopping for supplies, you can pick up the different items you need from the materials list. You can also opt to buy ready made kits that include all the materials needed for this project. If you’re looking for visuals or other advice on how to install a window box, there are several tutorials and tips online. You can also speak directly to employees at the hardware store.

    Window boxes are a great way to get the whole family involved in gardening and home renovation. With the help of an adult, anyone can participate in the assembly and the planting of the flowers.

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