4 Decor Tips To Treat Your Windows Right

| 22 January 2018

Your windows are not only one of the biggest components of your home’s street appeal (what people see when they look at your house from the street), they are just as noticeable from inside your house as well. Having well decorated and adorned windows looks good no matter where you’re observing them from. There are some simple, effective window decorating tips you can employ to give your windows a vibrant boost. Below are four to get you started.

Decor Tips To Treat Your Windows Right

Window Treatments

Window treatments are interior decorator slang for things like drapes, blinds, and curtains. In addition to helping control the flow of light into a room and regulating the temperature of your home, well thought out curtains and blinds can add a lot of style and charm to your home. A bare window can look good, but stylish curtains that blend well with the theme of your home and the style of your windows add a lot of personality.


One of the most common window decoration options is some small potted plants. Having plants in your home does wonders to boost positivity and mood, and it is also a good way to keep fresh herbs and spices around your kitchen. Herb gardens on kitchen windows are always nice to see, and in addition to providing you with easy access to things like mint, oregano and basil, these plants also act as natural air fresheners, making your home smell like an herb garden even when there are other competing smells trying to take over the kitchen.

Garden Plants

Decorative plants outside your home are just as important as decorative plants inside your home. Many people don’t realize it, but you can plant your garden to help bolster the look of your windows. This is especially true in flower season. Why not take a trip down to your local home and garden store and pick up some perennials? Flowers with colours that compliment your windows and the colour of your home work best.


While not technically a decoration, weatherproof coating that you apply periodically to the outside of your windows can protect the windows from deterioration, and help make the paint seem more vibrant. A good quality varnish and weatherproof coating goes a long way to keeping your windows in good shape and looking great.

Your windows are the gateway to your home, and also, conveniently, act as extra space for decorating and adding flair. If you are wondering how to get the most out of your windows and don’t know where to start, the above four decorating tips are tried and true ways to maximize your windows.

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