Should You DIY Your Window Installation Or Hire A Pro

| 26 December 2016

It’s good to learn certain invaluable home renovation and repair skills. Being able to take charge and take control of fixing your home is empowering, and it can often save you a lot of money (if you know what you’re doing). It also gives you complete control over the process, meaning that if things turn out perfect, or horrible, you have no one to blame by yourself.

DIY Vs Professional Window Installation

Hiring professionals with decades of experience, however, often makes much more sense. If you are planning on putting in new windows and are trying to decide whether you should DIY or hire a professional, below are some things to consider to help you with your decision.

Before you make the decision, it is important to know what exactly is involved. A window installation requires new windows (including the glass and the frames), the tools and materials necessary to install them, and often some retouching of the surrounding window opening to accommodate any changes in frame size. This might entail some re-drywalling and repainting of surfaces.


If you do decide to DIY your new window installation, you need to be honest with yourself about how skilled and experienced you are and the limitations that places on the potential jobs you can take on. If you’re just changing a window on the first floor, it might be a good time to learn a new, valuable homeowner skill. But if it’s multiple windows, or the windows are located on the top floor, professionals might be the best option.

Scale is also important when considering whether to DIY. If you are buying a lot of very expensive windows, keep in mind that a professional is going to get a better price on the windows because he or she purchases them in bulk. What you think you are saving on labour, you might lose to the difference in retail vs wholesale price, and you could have additionally had the guarantee of a pro.

Hiring a Pro

If you are new to home-owning and have never bought or installed windows before, it might be a good idea to get a professional to handle your first installation project, so you can learn a little bit about the market, how the installation process works and make sure that you are getting a reputable, guaranteed service.

If you are installing windows somewhere where you can’t afford to do a sloppy job (say at the cottage), where rough weather is likely to test how well a window was installed all year long, it’s a good idea to have a trusted professional take the job on so that you have peace of mind when you are not there.

It’s always great to learn new skills and save money, but it’s also important to understand when you need someone who really knows what they are doing to take the helm. If you are thinking about installing new windows and don’t know whether or not you should try to take it on yourself, keep the above considerations in mind and make the best possible decision.

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