Tips For Choosing A Window Trim

| 28 November 2016

The word “trim” is deceptively generic. It refers to more or less anything that can be applied as a decorative element in your home. Window trim is the casings or moulding that go around your window frame. It is installed outside of the house and its job is to seal the window to the house, blocking cold air from entering and warm air from escaping. If you have never chosen window trim before, or want to change up your current trim, below are some tips for choosing the perfect trim to suit your home.

How To Choose Window Trim

Complete casings. These types of trim are more functional in nature than anything, and are a low profile casing that lie flush up against the side of your home. They are adept at maintaining the internal temperature of your home and cost around $5 per foot of trim, relatively cost effective and utilitarian at the same time.

High-profile casing. These are the option to go for if you are looking for versatility. They can be fit to surround the entire window, or even sit as a pediment directly above the window. They come in a wide range of plastic and composite materials. They come ready-made and offer the look of layered, more intricate mouldings without the necessary carpentry skills. They typically run about $10 per foot – double the cost of complete casings.

Modern casings. These window trims are clean-lined and typically the wood is the same colour as the surrounding house. The glass in the window is meant to be the main attraction with modern trim, so if you’re living in a modern home and have invested a lot in your windows, you might want to opt for a trim that doesn’t detract from their brilliance. These run anywhere from $1 to $5 per foot of trim.

Traditional trim. These are similar in design to low-profile casings and are better suited to older, more traditional homes. They lay completely flat against the exterior and interior walls and are generally made of layered wood or composite. This trim typically costs between $1 to $5 per foot.

The trick to choosing the right window trim is more about what looks best for your style of house and how old it is. Trim is generally not expensive, regardless of whether you opt for high profile, modern, traditional or complete casings. It’s more about what suits the theme and vintage of your home. Keep the above tips in mind when choosing trim for your windows, and get something that suits your house and highlights and accents your windows.

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