10 Creative Ways To Reuse Old Windows

| 6 November 2015

After having new windows installed in your home, you’ll likely have your old windows laying around. Before sending them off to be recycled or thrown away, there are ways to turn them into great and functional works of art.

Redesigned Old Windows

These are our 10 favourite creative ways to reuse your old windows and make them look better than ever!

  1. Turn them into picture frames:
  2. With a little glue and some family photos, you can create a gorgeous frame from an old window! By either blowing up a large image to fit the frame or evenly spacing out several smaller photos on the glass, you’ll have a unique and decorative addition to add to your walls.

  3. Make a coffee table:
  4. This DIY is a little more complicated than making a picture frame. You will be using one window as the top of the table and you’ll need two other windows to use as legs. Make sure to remove the glass from the “leg” windows.

  5. Craft a room divider:
  6. This works best with larger windows and you’ll need some paint to black out or frost the glass. You can stack windows on top of each to make a bigger divider to separate a large room. However you choose to make your room divider, your old windows will look great as a partition.

  7. Shelve it:
  8. Attach a set of windows to another set horizontally to make a shelving unit. It should look like a letter L or F depending on how many shelves you want. You can keep the unit on the floor to store shoes or wall mount it.

  9. Help your kids find their inner Picasso:
  10. If you have kids, this is a good project to keep them entertained on a rainy day. Give each child their own window to decorate with paint, sparkles and other goodies. Once they’re finished, hang their window art on their bedroom walls.

  11. Hook it up:
  12. Add hooks to your old window and mount it on the wall near your front door. Use it as a coatrack or as a place to hang keys, scarves and purses.

  13. Get ahead:
  14. You can turn your old windows into a beautiful headboard. Depending the size of the window you wish to reuse you may not need to mount it on the wall behind your bed. Instead, you can use your bed to sandwich the window between it and the wall. This works best for windows with extremely decorative frames where the glass has been removed; you don’t want to run the risk of the glass breaking while you sleep.

  15. Transform it into a chalkboard:
  16. All you need for this project is chalkboard paint and protector tape. Tape the outsides of the window so that they don’t get paint on them then paint the glass with the chalkboard solution. Hang your new window chalkboard wherever you need it to jot down notes and reminders.

  17. Make a serving tray:
  18. Old windows are perfect for serving trays. You can customize them any way you like then use them to pass around drinks at party or for breakfast in bed. Simply add handles to one side of the window and voila!

  19. Stay green:
  20. This is not an easy project to undertake but if you have time on your hands you can craft a beautiful miniature greenhouse from old windows. You can even leave an opening for your dog to enter freely but rodents and pets will stay out and not eat your plants.

Before you attempt any of our creative window DIYs, make sure you wash your old windows first. You can use a glass cleaning solution or make your own with ¼ of vinegar, ½ of dish detergent and 2 cups of water.Be sure not to reuse old windows with cracked glass unless you can repair the crack first.

Trying any of these DIYs? Share them with Landmark so we can include them in our next post!

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