Best Windows For A New Home

| 20 March 2017

Most people don’t realize, but your windows add not only street appeal, but real value to your home. Often, even a quick coat of paint before listing is enough to add considerable value. That being said, if you are on the opposite end of that equation, and have just purchased a new home, you are going to want to put some time and effort into choosing your new windows. Below are some tips for choosing the best windows for a new home.

Best Windows For A New Home

Ventilation. If the goal of a window is to provide a view but you don’t necessarily need ventilation in the area, fixed windows are often good choices because they can be combined with operable windows and actually save you money.

Energy efficient. Most modern homes either already come equipped with, or are being retrofitted with energy-efficient windows. These windows allow you to save on energy costs by regulating the amount of hot and cold air that is able to enter and escape your house, depending on the time of year. You spend less time and money turning the heat and air conditioning up and down with these windows.

Frame. Where you live and the kind of weather that you have to deal with on a regular basis will, in large part, dictate what kind of windows you are going to want to invest in as a new homeowner. If you live somewhere like the Pacific Northwest that is constantly bombarded by rain and humidity all year round, wood frame windows might not make the most sense for you. Put time into researching what window experts in your area recommend as far as frame material goes.

DIY or hire a pro. You will also need to consider, regardless of what type of windows you opt for, if you want a pro to take care of the installation, or if you want to try and do it yourself. One important thing to keep in mind with new windows on a new house is that if they aren’t installed right, your brand new investment could end up costing you extra money when they have to be reinstalled, or if they allow water and other environmental damage to wreak havoc.

Buying new windows is exciting. We spend a lot of time looking out the window, and we want people to see a welcoming, stylish, inviting house when they look at it from the street. Keep in mind the above new window considerations and choose the best new windows for your brand new home.

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