How to Clean Window Frames and Runners in 4 Steps

| 6 August 2018

Cleaning window frames and runners can be one of those daunting once-per-year activities, especially if yours has accumulated debris. While there are many options on the market for cleaning, bleaching, and sanitizing your windows, nobody wants to fill their home with the harsh chemicals and bleach-filled fragrances often recommended for this task. These products have the potential to irritate allergies and create an unsafe environment for pets and children who play or lounge on windowsills while enjoying the fresh air on a rainy day.

Cleaning Window Frames And Runners In 4 Steps

If you’ve ever had a cat topple a potted plant or a child lodge play-dough deep into the grooves of your window runner, do not be discouraged. Now you can watch your window runners sparkle as you’ve never seen them before. With these four fresh, chemical-free steps, you will effortlessly wipe grime away without a worry.

Step 1: Vacuum away large debris
First things first, you will need to remove any large debris lodged in your window frames and runners. The easiest way to do this, without digging in with your hands, is to use your vacuum cleaner to suck the dirt away. The attachment that works best for this task is the ‘crevice’ vacuum head because it’s thinly slotted mouth is handy for getting deep into the small groves.

Don’t worry about spending a considerable chunk of time on this step. Getting every piece of debris out of your runners will be impossible with the crevice attachment, as it will not be able to access tight areas where the gunk may be tightly fixed and hard to remove.

Step 2: Wipe away smaller debris with soap and water
Second, you will want to wipe away any leftover debris with warm soapy water. Fill a small bowl with warm water and dish soap and mix it until bubbles appear on the surface of the container. Dish soap is a safe and excellent way of cutting any oil or grease build-up in the frames and runners of your windows. Using a paper towel, or an absorbent cloth if you wish to avoid unnecessary waste, use the soapy water to wipe away any leftover debris that the vacuum may have left behind.

Step 3: Loosen and remove grime with a baking soda and vinegar solution
Now that you have completed steps one and two, sprinkle a little bit of baking soda into the window runner. Focus on the worst parts, usually the corners, by adding a bit more to these sections and less elsewhere in the frame. Cover the baking soda with a small amount of white vinegar and leave it to soak for 5–10 minutes.

Note: Do not pour too much vinegar into the window runner because it will be difficult and messy to mop it all up later on. You might even want to try applying the vinegar with a spray bottle to ensure that you do not accidentally pour too much over the soda. The desired effect is a light sprinkling over the baking soda so that when it becomes wet, you will notice the mixture begin to bubble as it begins its deep clean.

Step 4: Final wipe down
After 5–10 minutes, return to your window runner and using an old toothbrush, start at the corners. Work all the dirt loosened by the baking soda and vinegar solution toward the centre of the frame. You may want to use some cotton swabs to finely detail the seams of your runner as you draw the dirt away and work your way inward.

You’ll be absolutely amazed by the amount of hidden crud you clean away. After you complete this final step, use a rag or paper towel to scoop up your pile of crud and wipe down your runner one last time.

Remember, keeping your home a safe and happy place is a top priority, and providing a clean environment is a vital part of achieving that. Don’t worry about clean window frames and runners ever again with these four chemical-free steps!

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