How To Choose The Best Colour For Your Window

| 9 January 2017

Now that you’ve chosen your window frame and material, it’s time to decide on what colour you want to paint it. Choosing a paint colour for your windows is like choosing a paint colour for any other part of your house, with the exception that there is generally less variation in theme on the outside of your home. Below are some tips for helping you choose the best colour possible for your windows.

Choose The Best Window Colour

Start small. If you are able to construct a mock frame with some two-by-fours and then paint the frame the colours you are considering, you should have a good idea of what your painted window frame will look like once you’ve decided on the colour. You can pick up some two-by-fours from your local hardware store, have them cut to approximate the dimensions of your window and then temporarily pin them up.

Consider the theme of your house. Like painting anywhere, the colours that you choose should not clash with the overall theme or the other surrounding colours. You don’t want something that is going to clash horribly with the colour of your house, nor do you want something that is just going to blend in. Complementary colours are usually the best option.

Consider your landscaping. You also want to make sure that the colour of your windows is not going to clash with your landscaping. You want the windows to match both the exterior colour of your house as well as fit in nicely with the harmony of your garden and the other green space surrounding your home.

Lighting. If the windows in question are on a side of your house that doesn’t receive a lot of sunlight, you might want to opt for a lighter shade or hue to make the windows stand out more. A dark colour on a side of your house that is heavily shaded by forest, other houses, buildings, etc., will be hard to see.

Stand on the street. Your windows are a large part of your home’s street appeal, and prospective buyers take windows into consideration more that you know. Once you have set up your mock windows, step back all the way to the street, or the end of the driveway, or wherever it is you think that other people would be admiring or inspecting your house from, and ask yourself if it looks good from that distance.

Choosing a colour scheme for your windows should be fun and take into consideration all of the aforementioned elements. First and foremost, you want to avoid clashing colours, colours that blend into your house, and anything that looks distasteful from a street view.

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