How To Control Condensation And Moisture On Your Windows

| 22 August 2016

It is inevitable that your windows are going to attract condensation. This is even truer if you live in a climate that experiences a lot of humidity and frequent temperature changes. The effects of condensation on your windows can range from a small hassle, to major concerns about structural damage and dangerous mould forming. Below are some tips to control condensation and moisture on your windows.

Eliminate Window Condensation

Improve air circulation in your home. Improving air circulation in your home, including investing in an air circulating device, or having strategically placed fans, especially in the warm summer months, is a good way to make sure that damp, warm air doesn’t become stagnant, turning your house into a steam room.

Open window treatments. If humidity is something that you have to deal with, try opening your blinds, shutters and curtains during the day or evening to give the space between your window treatments and the glass room for air to circulate so that your windows can breathe.

Turn off humidifiers. Never leave a humidifier running longer than necessary. If you have a humidifier running because it is especially dry, or someone is sick, make sure to turn it off when not in use, or you will simply be creating an atmosphere in your home for moisture, mould and mildew to thrive in.

Run a dehumidifier. If there is simply nothing you can do manually to reduce the amount of hot, moist air in your home, try purchasing, or if you already have one, running a dehumidifier. They can be picked up at most local hardware or big box stores and will suck up damp air from within your home.

Open heat registers in front of the windows. The heat registers in front of your windows should remain unobstructed and clear of debris at all times. This will allow your central heating system to efficiently regulate and distribute warm air throughout your house and will give the humid air an added escape route instead of simply letting it linger.

Your windows are on the front line of your protection against the elements. Unchecked moisture and condensation can do a great deal of damage and so making sure that you are minimizing the chances of that happening is the best way to get the most money and life out of them. Follow the above five tips to ensure that you protect your windows from moisture, condensation and water damage at all times.

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