How To Dress Your Kitchen Windows

| 23 January 2017

You spend a large amount of the time in your kitchen when you are at home. Whether you are cooking, cleaning, or working at the kitchen desk, having a kitchen that you feel comfortable and safe in is something that most people consider extremely important. This includes having window dressings that look good from both the inside and the outside. Below are some tips for dressing your kitchen windows and keeping the room looking stunning no matter what side of the window you are on.

How To Dress Your Kitchen Windows

Your sunlight exposure. If your kitchen receives a lot of direct sunlight throughout the day, you are going to want to choose something that limits the UV rays coming through. UV rays can damage the inside of your house, especially if you have hardwood. The best window dressings for these kinds of kitchens are opaque window coverings or treatments that have been lined with a “light-prohibiting” layer.

Privacy. Some people who have kitchens that sit on street level or with a clear view to the street are concerned about privacy, in addition to other things. A good way to decide how much your window dressing should focus on your privacy is to turn on your kitchen light and then step outside at night and view your kitchen from the street. If you can view every minute detail, you are going to want a dressing that gives you important privacy.

Style. Depending on where your windows fall in your kitchen, you can really play with the style of dressings that are available. If the windows are outside of the main work area, you can go with full-length curtains, which really add an element of class to a kitchen. Windows above the sink, especially if the kitchen doesn’t receive that much direct sunlight, could work well with some embroidered light-coloured fabric that is more aesthetic than functional.

Kitchen windows are often more complicated to choose a dressing for because you are trying to buy for a variety of functions. The kitchen is usually on the most front and centre rooms in a house, meaning there is a lot of visibility from the street and a lot of direct sunlight, so you need to choose a dressing that combines purposes. This doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. There are a ton of great style options available that let you protect your house, control the sunlight and temperature and provide you with privacy all at the same time.

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