Do New Windows Increase Your Home’s Property Value?

| 17 July 2017

Your windows are not just there to keep the elements out and regulate the internal temperature of your home, nor are they simply to be looked out of and in through, they are a strategic part of increasing your home’s property value and something that all responsible homeowners should look into in order to make sure that they are getting the most for their home when it comes time to sell. If you are wondering whether or not new windows are able to increase the property value of your home, below are some of the ways in which they can do just that.

How New Windows Increase Your Home's Value


Windows are an important part of your home’s street value and something that prospective homeowners and passersby alike will immediately notice when walking past your home. Even if the inside of your home is exquisite, old, dilapidated looking windows will make people feel like your home is worth less than it actually is.

Energy Costs

With the cost of energy continuing to rise, and looking like it will continue to do so well into the future, many homeowners are very concerned with finding new ways to cut big amounts off their yearly energy bills. Investing in energy efficient windows can reduce the amount of heating and cooling that you, and whoever ends up buying your home from you when it comes time to sell, will have to pay for. Some energy efficient windows even come with tax rebates that you can get when it comes time to pay the tax man at the end of the year.


New windows not only look great, and come with energy saving capabilities, they can be specialized designed for optimal performance in certain climates. If your windows are not optimized for the region you live in, someone interested in buying your home might take into consideration the fact that they will have to upgrade or replace the windows when making an offer on your home.


With property crime rising in Canada, many homeowners are also becoming more aware of how necessary it is to have your windows optimized for protection. Things like sash locks and home alarm systems go a long way to making your windows more fortified, and having these features installed increases the value of our home.

Your windows are not just aesthetic, they are functional, and they are an important part of your security and cost saving strategies for your home. New homeowners, with the price of homes in the country as high as they are, want to make sure that they are getting the biggest return on investment possible, and everything from the front yard to the windows factors into their decision.

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