How to Protect Your Windows for the Winter

| 9 November 2018

Canadian winters can be brutal, and it’s important to prepare your home for it! Before winter hits, many people take the time to make sure that their homes are well-equipped for the months ahead with freezing temperatures and heavy snowfall.

Window covered with snow during winter

Windows are extremely important facets to your home that need to be inspected every winter, as they constantly regulate the flow of heat and light that comes into your home. Old and damaged windows can be detrimental to the energy efficiency of a home, and it is important to check them yearly. Preventing and fixing problems before they become severe can save you a lot of money and worry.

When doing the annual checkup of your windows, follow some of these steps to ensure that your windows are at their best.

  • Always inspect the caulking on the outside of the window and ensure that there are no damages. The caulking on the outside of the window should be completely sealed with no cracks. A broken seal is one of the cheapest and easiest fixes, but it can be one of the biggest contributing factors to heat loss in your home if not fixed.
  • Ensure that your windows are functioning properly. This means checking all the cranks, handles, and latches are working properly and moving smoothly. You should not have to put much effort into opening or closing any of your units.
  • Examine the quality of weather stripping. Hung and slider windows can wear down the weather stripping on your windows faster than other units. Ensure that the condition of the weather shipping is of good quality, as it is critical in ensuring high energy efficiency.
  • Double check the healthiness of your frames. Fluctuating temperatures can cause warpage and deterioration in your frames, especially in older windows. Pay special attention to corners and joints.
  • Check that the glass is not damaged or cracked. Having crisp and clear glass is more than just for aesthetics. If your panes are broken or cracked, it can let heat escape. Address the issue as soon as you can to ensure that you change them before it starts snowing.
  • Monitor the humidity levels in your home. Your windows will most likely create condensation in the winter when the heat is on, as warm air contains more moisture than cold air. To prevent condensation, turn down the thermostat a couple of degrees, which can help prevent damages to your units.

Another method one can do to test for drafts is the candle test. Hold a lit candle or lighter near the area where you suspect a draft is coming from, and see if the flame flickers more than usual.

Having one or two of these problems doesn’t mean you have to get a completely new set of windows. Often, they are quick and easy fixes if you fix them soon enough. Checking your units regularly and fixing the problems quickly can help with the longevity and efficiency of your units.

Windows are a long-term investment that needs to be kept in order to work at its best. If you ever consider selling your home in the future, new and updated windows can also add to the quality of your home, and taking the time to invest in them will definitely help get you more money back. Curb appeal is also important when people look at your home, as you can customize your windows with the many styles, colors, and types. You can get a beautiful window that will look amazing and customize it specifically to the design of your home.

One low maintenance option you can go for, which will save you time and money, is the vinyl window. The material is unaffected by the elements and does not deteriorate or rot over time, which makes it an ideal material for the frame and window hardware. Most vinyl hardware damage can be fixed piece by piece rather than replacing the entire unit.

Windows are important in keeping you and your family warm during the harsh and cold winter months. If your windows are constantly letting in a cold draft, the heating of your home will need to work much harder just to keep your house at a reasonable temperature, driving your energy bill up.

With new replacement windows and regular maintenance, your heating system can work simply to its minimum requirement and will save you energy and money. One of the best methods in reducing your heating bill is by maintaining your windows yearly. Your heating bill will be significantly lower compared to when the heat is escaping through the cracks in the windows.

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